Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Interview With David Morgan About Silver Manipulation

An exclusive interview with David Morgan of about the silver manipulation, differences of paper silver and what we are thankful for.

Gold Prices Ready for a Breakout

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Brian Hicks, co-manager of the U.S. Global Investors Global Resources Fund, says he thinks gold prices are ready to pop.
Brian Hicks,: "....we've been bullish -- for some time -- really the the factors that are driving gold remain in place. -- issues with what's happening in Europe the sovereign debt crisis. That's been ongoing. For about the last six to nine months yourself and it doesn't look like workers she released any time soon. That's drawing a lot of money flows out of the Euro. In Q gold as well the --

But despite -- double digit and that -- seem like old. Stuck in some kind of trading range we can't -- take to really break and hold that thirteenth fourteenth and end up.

Well I actually. From personal standpoint I think we are nearing. -- Just looking at the charts and and looking at the news flow -- such. I think will be north of 14100 -- between now and year and I think that momentum is starting to. Pick up...."

Keiser and Maloney Buy Silver & Gold! (AND CRASH JP MORGAN!)


Explorer Hunts for Gold in Idaho and Nevada

Sean Brodrick interviews two executives from Western Pacific, an explorer that's sitting on a big gold deposit and is on the hunt for a lot more.

The Precious Metals Debate

Nov. 29 2010 | While gold is in a strong uptrend, Aaron Smith, MD at Superfund Financial, says the upside potential for silver is greater. He tells CNBC's Bernard Lo that the price of the white metal will shoot up above $60 per ounce as central banks begin to tighten monetary policy.

Go for Gold says Erik Wytenus

Nov. 29 2010 | Gold prices could continue to trend higher as we head into year-end and into 2011, believes Erik Wytenus, head of FX & commodities at JPMorgan Private Bank. He tells CNBC's Oriel Morrison what contributing to his bullish views.

Peter Schiff New Orleans Investors Conference Interview 2010

Friday Oct 29th, 2010, I ran into Peter Schiff at the conference. He was nice enough to answer some questions on video eventhough he had a busy schedule. I've been a huge supporter and fan of Peter for 2 years now and it was such a thrill to be able to talk to him. I agree with most of what Peter Schiff says on most issues and he is one of the smartest people in politics and business today. I disagree with his comments about his doubt that PM are manipulated and that GATA is not connected to the silver suit.
Peter Schiff is as much a gentleman in person as he is on TV - And he is so intelligent - None of these questions were scripted. He is so sharp.

Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver

Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver

Monday, November 29, 2010

Palladium the best-performing metal of the year

The Palladium Touch

North American Palladium CEO Bill Biggar discusses why palladium is the best-performing metal of the year.

Peter Schiff on Fox Business Gold soon at $5000 or more

Peter Schiff on Fox Business Gold soon at $5000 or more : Gold is not changing in value it is the dollar losing value what gold really tells you is what the dollar and other currencies are worth it is a measure of the purchasing power so as the dollar loses value you need more dollars to buy something like Gold , the Gold could go up to $5000 before it is over it could go even much higher than that

Blue Nile Diamond Is Red Hot

Online shoppers scooping up sales before possible tax hike in 2011?

SHOCKING SILVER REPORT: Major Metro Coin Show Ghost Town!

Think a top is near in the precious metals? Think again. One dealer in this major metro U.S. city of 2+ million people sells 12 American Silver Eagles all day!

Gold Rush in Alaska

New series follows rookie gold miners seeking an alternative answer to their economic woes

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bill Murphy of GATA Interview New Orleans Investors Conference 2010

A quick interview with Bill Murphy about the Bart Chilton statement and the silver investor's suit at the New Orleans Investors Conference

Invest in Gold and Silver - Crash JP Morgan! Mike Maloney

CRASH JP MORGAN BUY SILVER NOW The greatest opportunity in the history of mankind best selling author Mike Maloney (Rich Dad's Guide to Investing In Gold & Silver) explains .People think that since now that its at its all time high, they shouldnt invest, thinking that it will go back down. But ITS NOT STOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!

European Banking Crisis, Gold Becoming World's Currency

Gold is becoming the World's currency. As Nation States fall under the weight of their own policies, gold continues to shine. in fact gold is becoming the world's premier currency.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Private Shield - is it worth a buy?

Let's talk about the single most important thing in one's personal finance, Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance.  Read this and this and that on such H&S insurance matters.

Having read the articles above, i somehow had this impression that Medishield gives more value to those Private Shield plans. (Note, i use the word value, not cheap and i use the word impression , so it is just my opinion. Just for the record, I am an absolute newbie in insurance,
I have used Enhanced Income Shield (BASIC) insurance as comparison as it's the most " apple to apple" .
Medishield covers grade B2/C wards. Incomeshield covers B2/C wards AND B1 wards.
85 years above is not covered under Medishield. Honestly, i have damn good genes...and i think i will live till above that age, barring any suay events like slashing or stabbing incidents by the 369 gang or ang soon tong or 18 sio li ho or Kuti PiSai Motorcycle gang linked to Columbian Drug lords .(Eh Ah Beng reading this ...relak la bro..just joking ). At most, Incomeshield is only 2.87 times more than the premium of medishield  and it is covered by Medisave, money one can't touch.

Coverage ( Very General and Brief)
In term of coverage, Incomeshield (Basic) trounces Medishield big time.The above table is just a portion of the difference in coverages, if you have so much time to spare for analysing, look here for Medishield and here for NTUC incomeshield.

Honestly, i think a limit of $50,000 for a policy year for Medishield is kinda low. So, do you think paying 2.87 times ( at most) for the 'as charged' ( means unlimited in a sense) feature and the coverage beyond 85 years of age is worth it?

Bob Chapman on Gold Investing (15-Oct-10)

Bob Chapman on Gold Investing (15-Oct-10)

Silver American Eagles Make A Great Holiday Gift!

This is Jack DeAngelis! Please Subscribe To My Channel! Go To My Website To Request Your FREE Copy Of "The International Forecaster" Newsletter! Get ready for The Collector's Coach on Blogtalk Radio!

How and why to accumulate gold?

In this interview, James Turk discusses why he expects the gold price to rise and why it makes sense to accumulate gold and silver.

James Turk : Debt creation will destroy the dollar

James Turk opines on the current gold market.

James Turk on Goldseek Radio Nov 26th, 2010

James Turk on Goldseek Radio Nov 26th, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Gold: down 0.3% At $ 1,371.70 an ounce

Gold: down 0.3%A $ 1,371.70 an ounceGold fell slightly today in Asian markets. The yellow metal was trading at $ 1,371.70 an ounce, down 0.3%.

Gold Weakens as Dollar Gains on Europe Debt Woes

By: Reuters
Gold fell 1 percent on Friday as the dollar pushed to fresh two-month highs against the euro on worries that Ireland's debt crisis was spreading and on growing speculation of an imminent Portuguese bailout.
However, gold was underpinned by some modest safe haven buying amid investor nervousness over the European debt crisis after a newspaper report that euro zone nations were pressuring Portugal to follow Ireland's lead and seek a bailout. Portugal and Germany's finance ministry denied the report
read entire article

$500 Silver?!? - Max Keiser

The People's Currency Is about to smash Wall Street's Precious Fiat Paper.
Can we say $500 silver by December 2011?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Christmas Card to J.P. Morgan

A Christmas Card to J.P. Morgan ...Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver!

John Embry Sprott Asset Management : Unlimited Money Creation To Send Gold Higher

Gold and silver prices; perspective on the junior mining sector; markets, government intervention and why all macro economic roads are leading us to gold

SILVER FUNDAMENTALS - Investment Demand - Mike Maloney

The free market always wins. It always does. Hang on for the ride of your life. Thanks for the great question Tim, hope you enjoy this.

Arian Silver Mexican Mine with $3.7 billion in reserves

Andrew Mickey gives you the dirt on small mining company quietly working its way into becoming a major player in the growing silver market in Mexico.

Ray Barros, More Upside to Gold

Nov. 24 2010 | Ray Barros, CEO of Ray Barros Trading Group, charts gold and sees the precious metal heading back up to new highs. He also looks at the euro, with CNBC's Oriel Morrison.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Max Keiser & Mike Maloney In Paris

Buy Silver & Gold! (and CRASH JP MORGAN!) Max Keiser & Mike Maloney In Paris

The Day the Dollar Died

The first 12 hours of a U.S. dollar collapse!

SILVER: Banks LOSING the Battle

Jim Turk says 'HOLD YOUR POSITION.' Silver could be at $30 in a matter of weeks. And a brief web bot discussion about the epic event predicted for Nov. 8 - 11. Things are falling into place for the death of our currency. Heaven help us.

Gold Prices Will Ignore China

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Nicholas Brooks, head of research and investment strategy for ETF Securities, says despite any rate hike in China, investors will continue to look...

Nicholas Brooks : ...I think the -- will be pretty immutable again I think most of the investors in Asia. Are either accumulation -- Within medium to long term accumulation in mulling whether it's the Chinese Central Bank or whether it's private investors. To the extent that they can access gold. Are so my own sense is that. -- are structural factors that are unlikely to be affected by -- relatively small movements in monetary policy and again I think the key point to remember China is they have no interest whatsoever in. Slowing growth sharply they're just tried to temper some of the overheating that we've been seeing on the over the past year -- so.

If they are able to stem inflation however won't that hurt investors -- have been buying gold as a hedge against inflation.

Well again I think in my mind one of the main reasons investors have been buying gold has really been -- currency debasement argument not so much. Directly inflation -- one -- basic currency through inflation but one can also -- basic....

Rob McEwen, Gold -- the alternative and ultimate currency

Gold price will reach $5,000 predicts Rob McEwen

Rob McEwen, Chairman & CEO of US Gold and founder of Goldcorp, explains what has caused the gold price to rise over the past decade. The gold price is going up because it is an alternative currency and the ultimate currency. Other currencies are being debased and in general there is a high level of debt at government, corporate and personal levels. People buy gold to diversify their investment portfolio.
Rob McEwen, Chairman & CEO of US Gold and founder of Goldcorp explains that whether to buy physical gold bullion and/or gold mining stocks depends on your risk profile. He compares junior gold mining stocks with senior gold mining stocks. Video recorded on November 5, 2010.Rob McEwen, Chairman & CEO of US Gold and founder of Goldcorp, predicts a gold price of $5,000 by the time it peaks. He acknowledges the role of gold as money. People invest in gold to protect their other investments.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Peter Schiff vs. Gata: $56,000 Dollar Gold?

Peter Schiff comments on silver gold price suppression and $56,000 Gold

I snipped and edited this piece down to 5 minutes and added some wordage that might make it a bit easier to follow

This is Adrian Douglas From GATA and Peter Schiff. I found it stimulating to hear Schiff challenge some core beliefs of the Gata Group. What do you think?

Gold and Silver vs Real Estate

Buy Silver Bullion And Gold Vs Real Estate

Buy silver bullion and gold versus real estate video by Mike Maloney - GoldSilver



GoldMoney, one of the world's largest providers of physical bullion for retail and institutional investors, is now using ultrasound technology to test for foreign material and defects within the gold bars that it stores for its customers. GoldMoney has teamed up with GE Inspection Technologies to examine all the gold bars stored in its vaults in London, Zurich and Hong Kong to ensure that each bar meets the new 'GoldMoney Standard'.

- No tungsten gold bars
- No fake gold bars
- No poor quality gold bars

Nothing less than the best 99,99% fine gold bars.

The Bottom 20% of America is in for a Cold, Hungry Winter

Some Economists are reporting that QE2 will top 1 Trillion Dollars. We are already seeing the effects of this unprecedented money printing in the price of Gold and Silver. With commodities surging expect food and energy to surge this winter. The lower middle income earners spend a higher percentage of their incomes on these basic items. Inflation and Hyperinflation will effect these individuals the most.

Gold Prices Could Move Much Higher says Brian Kelly

Nov. 23 2010 | Brian Kelly, president of Kanundrum Capital, tells CNBC why he thinks gold prices have more room to run.

EU Faces Far Larger Problem in Spain

Nov. 23 2010 | "If there is decisive action, clear action on Ireland and it fails, then we will be facing a far larger problem in Spain very quickly," Tim Linacre, CEO of Panmure Gordon, told CNBC Tuesday. Steve Barrow, head of G10 research at Standard Bank, joined the discussion.

Sabana Reit and Mapletree Industrial Trust

Lockup period
Sabana Reit-Period of 180 days from listing date. Thereafter, 50% will be locked up for the following 360 days from the end of the 1st lock up period.
MIT - Period of 180 days from listing date.

Sabana Reit - 26.5%

Performance fee Paid to manager
Sabana Reit - 0.5% per annum on Net Property Income if DPU grows at least 10%
MIT-3.6% per annum on Net Property Income

Sabana Reit's Alignment with Unitholders
The Manager has elected to receive 80.0% of the base fee in the form of Units for the Forecast Year 2011 and the Projection Year 2012 and (if payable) 80.0% of the performance fee in the form of Units for the Projection Year 2012, except that where the issue price (which is equal to the Market Price (as defined herein) of each Unit) is at a discount of at least 20.0% to the NAV per Unit, the Manager shall receive the base fee for the Forecast Year 2011 and the Projection Year 2012 and (if payable) the performance fee for the Projection Year 2012 wholly in the form of cash.

Honestly, comparing MIT and Sabana, it seems that Sabana is more aligned with their Unitholders. I like that they will choose to receive their base and performance fees in cash instead of Units if the Units are undervalued ( underlined above).

I also like that Sabana set an extremely high performance target of being paid a performance fee if they grow the DPU at least 10% from the year before, unlike MIT's target which is so, well, duh! MIT will still get paid performance fee as long as they have some income. I think my grandma can do that!

Gearing of Sabana looks good too and their dividend yield of 8.22% is pretty attractive........i must's the catch before you go blindly into such an investment...Read below

Jeff Nielson : Silver, Comex Default & QE2

A gripping, in-depth SILVER interview with Writer & Economist Jeff Nielson of

"Total silver supply reached 858.0 million ounces last year. This tonnage was up 2.4% from 2008 levels and it also constituted a record volume of silver supply. A further 2.5%-5% increase in total silver supplies is projected for 2010. The largest increase in total supply last year was from a 4% bump recorded by global silver mine production. Around 22,100 tonnes or 709.6 million ounces of silver were estimated to have been mined in the world in 2009.

Jon Nadler. kitco Nov 22 2010"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Silver is the best currency

The dollar is failing. Switch to a real currency such as gold or silver.

Marc Faber : I will never sell any gold !

Marc Faber - one of the few international economists who really knows what is going on in the world of today and maybe even of tomorrow! His advise: accumulate gold and hold on to it !

Hecla Mining CEO: Precious Metals to Stay Elevated Prices

Hecla Mining CEO Phillips Baker discusses why global instability will continue to boost the price of precious metals.

NovaGold Resources #1 Undervalued Gold Stock for 2011

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Scott Redler, chief strategic officer for, reveals the one stock he thinks could pop in 2011 and how to buy it.

Scott Redler, : ....I have been watching NovaGold Resources I've played a lot of the that your name's a lot of -- that means you know -- Newmont. And PPX and you put this one I feel like technicals Korea and their minds are at full capacity. Huge resource. -- It's it's it's got thirteen fourteen dollar -- trading above the moving averages technically it seems that it's under accumulation. And fundamentally the -- is intact and it's hard to trust. Gold stocks because everyone says problem with their minds are there are always in the other countries and you can't really don't human touch him. But their management is great -- CEO. As talking on the story about how well do you usually do that that I would try to make themselves look bad. So at this point I would say -- look at it up up and moving averages maybe trying to accumulated anywhere between. 1213. Maybe around that area that's right above the fifteen and 21 day. And then that's a particular point. Above fifteen would be a momentum trade now -- that move that could help investors next year......

Golconda Diamond Necklace Sells for $3.5M

Christie's Americas Head of Jewelry Rahul Kadakia on the record-breaking auction of the Golconda Diamond Necklace.

Rothschild Long Gold

Rothschild CNBC Long Gold

Gold & Silver Markets - George Gero,

George Gero, senior vice president at RBC Capital Markets, discusses gold prices and the outlook for the precious-metals market. Gero speaks from Chicago with Lisa Murphy on Bloomberg Television's "Fast Forward." (Source: Bloomberg)

Silver Secrets

Silver Secrets - Make Money with Silver & Gold

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Eric Sprott : Silver better than Gold .

Eric Sprott on CNBC (4/15/2010) - "Silver is better than gold....."

Buy Bullion Online With The Perth Mint

Trade gold and silver bullion now at Looking to buy gold and silver bullion online with total confidence? This video from Australia's renowned Perth Mint will help you make up your mind about who to deal with. Hosted by Sales and Marketing Director Ron Currie, it examines the Mint's strong reputation based upon more than 100 years of minting excellence. Ron talks about the stunning ranges of bullion coins and bars, and shows you how easy and convenient it is to set up your own account to buy them direct using the Mint's new trading site.

Jim Rickards- Gold Standard is Plan B and Revalue Gold at $5000

Jim Rickards on CNBC talks about gold, the dollar and their relationship

Ted Butler : The End Of Silver Price Manipulation & The Coming Silver Supply Crunch

Ted Butler : The End Of Silver Price Manipulation & The Coming Silver Supply Crunch

Chris Martenson who recently launched a fascinating series of interviews and podcasts with a variety of the most interesting pundits in the world, chats with Ted Butler, discussing such germane items as why silver has such a compelling value story, the coming silver supply crunch, the argument behind the allegations of silver price manipulation, drivers behind the recent price action in silver, why price volatility will increase and the expected outcome of the CFTC's investigation and why Ted thinks it will be "a bombshell for the silver market."

Interview with Ted Butler: The End of Silver Price Manipulation

2010 has been an exceptional year for silver. The price has increased over 50% to-date, and the CFTC (the US commodity regulatory body) issued a statement last month admitting that the market price of silver may have been (and still may be) fraudulently manipulated. An investigation is underway.

Ted Butler is one of the pre-eminent commentators on the silver market. In addition to his decades following the metal, he's spent years raising suspicions about silver's suppression by a few large banks taking on egregiously large short positions. The current CFTC action is a direct result of Ted's activism.

Gold Price Suppression - Adrian Douglas Interview - Peter Schiff Radio - 11/19/10 Peter Schiff interviews Adrian Douglas, founder of Market Force Analysis & member of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, who will explain why he thinks the price of gold is being intentionally suppressed.

Silver- It's Time To Get Back To Saving Again!

Silver investment is for the long term - It's Time To Get Back To Saving Again!

Sliver May Soar to $400 by 2013

SILVER UPDATE: Criminal Banks in Retreat - Sliver May Soar to $400 by 2013

lots of BIG news tonight. Get ready, Silver is set to Soar higher still.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Robin Griffths : Paper Money Always Goes To Zero

Robin Griffiths, technical strategist at Cazenove Capital told CNBC that paper history shows that paper money always goes to zero and that silver and gold would not be streaking away if everything was hunky dorey with the world. He also says the Federal reserve is pursuing Zimbabwe and Weimar style policies

Gold price manipulation

James Turk, founder of, and Michael Maloney of discuss, IMF gold and the possibility of gold prices being manipulated.

David Morgan on the gold/silver ratio

David Morgan of advocates in this video to make use of the gold/silver ratio as a means to optimize your precious metals portfolio. He also illustratively compares silver to gold.

David Morgan and James Turk on the silver price and CFTC

In this timely video, David Morgan of and James Turk discuss current high silver prices and the CFTC's investigation. Recorded on November 6, 2010.

Silver and Gold will get back to 20:1 Ratios

Silver and Gold will get back to 20:1 Ratios .Jack schools us on how to capitalize on history repeating itself. If history repeats itself, as it has over 9 decades, silver and gold will return to 20:1

Platinum and Palladium Rally and the automotive Industry

Analysis and Discussion with Rob Kurzatkowski of OptionsXpress Holdings (Bloomberg News) , the automotive Industry

Dutch Gold Resources producing gold

You are watching Dutch Gold Resources' 100% owned 330 tons per day capacity mill producing gold from start to finish.

Dutch Gold Resources(ticker:DGRI) has quickly become number 1 on "top 15 active stock market forums" on message boards.
Investors have begun to take notice of undervalued gold stocks such as Dutch Gold Resources in light of the leverage to gold this company can provides for investors.
The company has recently updated their NI 43-101, a third party evaluation, on the 100% owned Basin Gulch property significantly raising resources. Third party evaluation has confirmed above average gold mineralization with data from the property.
"GEMCOM results... yielded a combined proven and probable gold and gold-equivalent silver resources... 2,803,970 ounces gold"
Also from the third party evaluation-
"because all drill holes and all the assays were not used for these calculations, and both estimates are open in all directions, these volume estimates SHOULD BE VIEWED AS THE LOW END OF THE TOTAL GOLD present on the site."
The property has still yet to be fully explored to depth which could reveal even more gold. Basin Gulch, however, is not the only property Dutch Gold Resources has at their disposal for gold production. The company also has the 100% owned Jungo Property in northern Nevada, which is set for a completed NI 43-101 sometime early next year. A description from the company website-
"The Jungo property contains extensive exposures of brecciaed and silicified Paleozoic sedimentary rocks in contact with Tertiary volcanic rocks to the north and east. Surface samples from the property were anomalous in gold and silver, with several samples assaying better than 0.1 opt gold, and one sample greater than 0.6 opt. "
The companies' 100% owned 330 tons per day capacity mill, using the lower figure of .1 opt, could produce 33 ounces of gold per day at 330 tpd x .01 opt. If the mill is operated at 340 days per year, the company can bring in revenue of at least $14,586,000 per year and this estimate could be low as many wall street gurus such as Jim Rickards are calling for gold to steadily climb upwards possibly as high as $10,000 oz.
Dutch Gold Resources offers an amazing leverage to this gold rush by providing shareholders with a high number of ounces of gold in the ground per share. The company currently has only 198M shares outstanding with a very low float of 90M shares.
It's 100% owned properties give investors .014 ounces of gold in the ground per share, this equals $182 of gold per share at $1300 gold.
The current share price as of last Friday, November 12th is just less then 3 cents at .028. At this current price, the market values Dutch Gold Resources at only $4 million dollars. This is incredibly low given their proven and probable assets of 2,803,970 ounces gold and growing with new drill results coming in the first quarter of 2011.
2.8M oz. of gold at $1300 per oz.= $3,640,000,000
After expenses and taxes, this still gives the company a possible billion dollar profit from their gold holdings, and that could be low given the bullish future of gold! If the market valued this company at just 10% of their gold holdings, you could see share price reach as high as $1.50 in the coming months.
There have been companies recently, with 2-3 times as many outstanding shares, make 1000-2000% gains after being in a position similar to Dutch Gold Resources.
As well as the high leverage to gold this company offers, it also holds 4,950,000 shares of Aultra Gold, Inc.(ticker:AGDI), formerly Shamika Resources, which as of the last trading day closed out at a price of .38 cents, which gives Dutch Gold Resource holdings a value of $1,881,000. This stock was trading at just .25 cents two weeks ago and climbing fast. These holdings could hold major potential for Dutch Gold Resources as Aultra Gold was as high as $30 per share during the stock mania days of 2007.
Shamika Resources, now Aultra Gold, is a mineral exploration and development company focused on precious metals such as Gold and rare earth metals Tantalum, Niobium, Tungsten, Lithium in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These metals have been in incredible demand recently. The DRC is the probably the most mineral rich country on the continent next to South Africa. The company has secured mining licenses on five major properties totaling 697.5 km2 in the heart of the Kibaran Belt.
Dutch Gold Resources, with an operational mill, several billion dollars in gold, and close to 5M shares of a rising junior Gold and rare earth metal exploration/development company, stands to be a spectacular play currently valued at only $4M with a share price of .028.

How to Buy and Store Silver : Barbara Goldsmith

How to Buy and Store Silver.
Is silver still a good investment?
Barbara Goldsmith, financial adviser, gives her top tips.

Buy Silver - Why Silver? Why Now?

Buy silver, buy it now.

For more information, look up Larry Bates, Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, Ted Butler, etc... These guys largely tell the truth concerning the current state of economic affairs. Things in the economy are not as confusing as the news makes them seem, there is a global agenda to bring America to its knees. When we have strict gun control in place here in the US, it will be at that time when the house of cards of our economy will be brought down. Buy silver.
Silver and Gold Bullion - What else besides food and ammo will be worth anything when the plug is pulled on the greenback?

Physical silver vs paper silver

In this video recorded on November 6, 2010, David Morgan of and James Turk discuss paper versus physical silver and backwardation.

Friday, November 19, 2010

DO NOT Swap Gold for Cash

The value of the dollar is dropping like a rock and this video is to show how this is affecting the prices of everything from gas to milk. This is the first of several videos to show what is really happening to the economy of the United States and why this country is in a lot of trouble financially.

3 Bullish Forces in Gold

Gold has pulled off its recent highs, but the long-term-trend is way up. Sean Brodrick thinks this could be a great buying opportunity.

David Morgan and James Turk on the gold/silver ratio

David Morgan and James Turk discuss gold and silver prices and the gold/silver ratio. Video recorded on November 6, 2010 , Edelmetallmesse in Munich, Germany.

Gold ATMs Coming To U S

Gold ATMs Coming To U S

James Turk Gold $8000

Gold is in a 2nd stage of a bull market. We will see a more rapid price appreciation than in the past years. Price target until 2015: 8000 Dollar. Price manipulation has come to an end. Gold as natural alternative to currencies. Chances of hyperinflation 100%.Gold prohibition possible.

The Great Silver Awakening

Silver to $500, Californian's still Dreamin', and much more! Conversations 5.0 with special guest, George Hemminger.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Overview of Servo Motor Repair and Baldor Servo Motor Repair

Technology has simplified every aspect of our lives. It is our daily household chores, business, business needs and the importance of other progress can be seen everywhere in need of you. Machining technology and servo motor and is a famous name, from the beginning, a spectrum of products for a variety of industries maintained. Being a huge area in the industry, the servo motor to its customers worldwide and also believes in building relationships with customers.

Manufacturing to the nitty gritty and true steps to understand the motor to work with the motors, it is necessary to understand the complexities of the machine. Thorough knowledge and deep understanding of the motors is required. Assistant repair company is managed by the various service centers and they have authorized permission required to have the same. Center all norms and rules in accordance with industry standards to take on repairs servo.

When the servo repair, quality facilities and expertise comes a better way of working should ensure. A proper assessment repair service, servicing, extensive repairs, technical support and guidance, including if necessary. There are very few reputable service providers and the world that offers repair services that Servo Repair, Baldor repair, electric motor repair and many more around the authorized centers.

Baldor Motors, a reputed name in the industry and a broad range of servo motors. This great set of skills and experience to undertake the repair works as well, thus is Baldor repair and service centers have been performing all kinds. When it comes to uniqueness and quality services, Baldor has all this and more. Electric motor repair is another factor and expert supervision is available at all major service centers may be under.

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Max Keiser calls for $500 silver,

Webbots predicted $600 silver and now Max Keiser calls for $500 silver, which one will be right?

Max Keiser talks about $500 an ounce Silver along with the silver to gold ratio and options expiry date on third Friday of every month.Max Keiser talks about Silver to gold ratio and future silver prices.$500 an Oz. of Silver .....Max Keiser on The AlexJones Show....11-18-2010

Huge Demand in Physical Gold & Silver

Although a lot of people are not talking about it, there is a large movement of traditional brokers and fixed annuity specialists moving their clients into physical Gold & Silver. Many Americans feel comfortable working with their trusted advisors when purchasing precious metals. At RMG, we have over 300 agents selling precious metals all over the country. We work with one of the largest and customer oriented wholesale bullion dealers. Do you know a insurance agent or financial advisor that is looking for a gold and silver dealer. Tell them to check our Royal Metals Group

Billionaires Shifting Into Gold

Today's Talking Points - Hedge fund of George Soros decreased its US stock investments from $8.8 billion to $5.1 billion between March and June 2010. Now its biggest position is in gold - 13% of portfolio. Tough economic numbers: housing starts level down 12.4% to lowest ever recorded and unemployment numbers holding high.

Cash For Gold, a modern day gold seizure?

Since the inception of the Federal Reserve, the value of the dollar has plummeted and the national debt has skyrocketed. Most alarming of all though, is the fact that the corporation that is the Federal Reserve abolished the gold standard in 1933 effectively rendering the dollar worthless paper when it comes to real value. And, since the gold seizure, the American public hasn't stood a chance at being able to repay that debt if it were to be called in. Even if this cash for gold push has nothing to do with that, it is still a scam and everyone should know a few things before they decide to trade their valuable jewelry for worthless cash. As the dollar continues to fall and the value of gold continues to skyrocket, one can't help but wonder if cash for gold is just a modern day gold seizure.

Gold Price Has Risen Every Year For The Past Ten Years

Gold Price has continued to rise over the past ten years. There is a flight to safety and security by holding on to a tangible asset like Gold. US Dollar has lost 13% of purchasing power since June as the US Government continues to print money. Gold is the only real currency. Gold is real worth.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Silver is one of the most amazing elements on this planet, and it is in short supply. For the first time in human history, there is more gold above ground for investors to buy than silver.

Why People Dont Buy Gold

Why People Don't Buy Gold

Time to Invest in Gold?

Nov. 17 2010 | Assessing whether it's a good idea to be in gold, with Tom O'Brien, The Gold Report, and Will Rhind, ETF Securities.

Will Rhind, Investors Stand Behind Gold and Silver

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Will Rhind, head of U.S. operations for ETF Securities, says investors have still been buying their gold and silver ETFs despite the metals' recent...
Will Rhind, : ...Well I think what's happening in Europe right now is at a crucial point for gold. -- that the yen European crisis has been -- stage at the potential uncertainty over the Irish situation. And hopeful signs of sovereign -- you drive gold in the next couple weeks. Invested in the meantime volatility while at. Well I think that them you know -- price right now on the risk -- came off a little bit about yes today. I'm on tobacco fifties the founding of the tolerance of -- in the European situation. But for long term investor -- gold still. As a place in the portfolios to diversify. And should be seen in Africa......

Which bank will benefit the most from a rise in SIBOR?

A wrong move made!And another wrong move!Its so hard to find good investment opportunities these days. Anyway, with all the talk about how interest rates are so low now and the only way forward is for it to move up gradually, let us try to position ourselves for this expectation shall we?

SIBOR stands for Singapore Interbank Offer Rate - simply put,interest rates for deposits,loan e.t.c rise if SIBOR rises.
NIM stands for Net Interest Margin which is measure of the difference between the interest income generated by banks or other financial institutions and the amount of interest paid out to their lenders(for example, deposits), relative to the amount of their (interest-earning) assets. )

Development Bank of Singapore (DBS)
See how it correlates with the SIBOR......when sibor goes up, DBS NIM ( net interest margin goes up)
United Overseas Bank ( UOB)
Hmmph, NIM seem to be negatively correlated with SIBOR....

Overseas Chinese Bank of Singapore (OCBC)
There don't seem to be any correlation between SIBOR and NIM. Is there?

With hyperinflation and a gargantuan wave of hot money coming in, are you ready?

Silver price vs Stock Market

Silver is a Sign for Stock Direction: ChartsNov. 17 2010 | 1:40 AM ET
If the price of silver declines further, it could mean another 5 percent decline for the stock market, Chris Furman, global strategist at Zwermann Financial, told CNBC Wednesday. Furman explained that silver can act as a predictor and had a reaction in 2008 before the widespread market turmoil.

Platinum price may peak at $1 900/oz in next six months - Johnson Matthey

The platinum price may peak at $1 900/oz in the next six months, says Johnson Matthey principal analyst Alison Cowley, whose top-of-the range forecast for palladium is $850/oz.

Crash JP Morgan - Buy Silver - Max Keiser

Max Keiser - financial analyst and host of RT's Keiser Report - has launched a viral campaign to bring down JP Morgan - dubbed by Keiser as main global financial terrorists.

The World most expensive jewel

A rare pink diamond has sold for 29 million at an auction in Switzerland.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver

Buy Physical Silver & Beat the Banks

a brand new micro-doc in the spirit of the movement to beat the criminal Banks. Buy PHYSICAL silver, Bankrupt JP Morgan!
Max Keiser develops plan to bring one of the international banksters to their knees. If the American people all bought 1 ounce of silver, it would dry up physical supply of silver and expose the manipulation JP Morgan and other large banks have taken to suppress the value of silver.Max Keiser- Silver Vigilantes Busting The Comex Ponzi By Taking Physical Delivery.
The ultimate strategy to crash JP Morgan, the biggest financial terrorist on Wall St.

Gold Prices to Surge on Solvency Crisis , Thomas Winmill

Nov. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Thomas Winmill, president of Winmill & Co. and portfolio manager of the Midas Fund, talks about the outlook for gold prices. Winmill talks with Carol Massar.

The Silver & Gold War is ON! Paper vs. Physical

The Silver War is on. Everywhere I look the powers that be are waging war against true money. Janet Napolitano recently mentioned on a radio show that TSA may limit metal carried on airplanes by passengers. Unbelievable! JP Morgan & HSBC continue to manipulate the prices of precious metals downward. Investors that understand the gravity of our economic situation are wholesale dumping paper for physical metals.

Milton Friedman explains role of Gold in Great Depression

Milton Friedman explains what happened during the great depression and what the role of the federal reserve is during economic ups and downs.

Two Options For Gold Prices

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Phil Streible, senior market strategist at Lind-Waldock, says there are two ways gold prices can go after Friday's big sell-off.

.Phil Streible,..:..." ...The gold prices you know they've been -- back a little bit -- a kind of wait and we -- last week that they. Profits on the market around fourteen -- broke caution out there. I'm gold price they're they're probably gonna continue to sell off a little bit here -- to an upward trend line from last August. If you collect. Next August and November. On the an upward sloping trend line he would it's right -- on the -- fifty range which has also. -- 61% retracement. In the thirteenth fifteen at 1425. I so as long as we get a reactionary. -- where we we bounce off the boat -- there and start to work comp. Probably use that what what do you know had. -....