Thursday, March 31, 2011

Peter Schiff Ultra Bullish on Silver

Economist Peter Schiff of Europac on CNBC 31 March 2011 answering questions about the Silver Supercycle and where he sees the prices of silver going after silver rose 22% in a quarter while gold remained basically stable...Peter Schiff : I have been riding this bull (Silver Bull) since 1999/2000 ...Silver  kind of has the best of both Worlds because it is an industrial metal and also a precious metal , so if you think the economy is growing you can buy silver and if you are afraid of inflation you can buy silver , it kind of has that element going for it ....the silver price is rising for the same reason that oil price is rising or agricultural commodities are rising , paper money is losing value , it is losing value because central banks are printing too much of it , that's not going to stop , look at the news you got today , you got higher than expected inflation coming out of Europe , you got the CEO of Walmart basically warning Americans to brace themselves for serious inflation he is looking for cross the board broad based increases starting in June

JAMES TURK : Silver in Prolonged backwardation

I a recent interview with the french radio host Jovanovic James Turk from Paris gave his prognostication about the Gold and Silver market and answered a range of other questions , he said that he predicts Gold price to hit $1800 before June and Silver $50 in a couple of months , in the video James Turk starts speaking at around 02:11 and he speaks in English with a french translation , so you can watch the video even if you do not understand french

James Turk says that Silver is in a prolonged backwardation , basically silver was in a backwardation since January , a backwardatio happens when the spot prices are higher than the Future prices it is a very rare very unusual very bullish situation , normally when a commodity goes into backwardation it lasts just for a short time but Silver was in backwardation since January , even if the price of silver has risen it remained in backwardation which is very very rare says James Turk "my long term forecast for Gold and Silver and this is a forecast that I made in 2003 , it is $8000 Gold and $400 Silver sometime between 2013 and 2015 " he says

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mining Stocks vs Physical Gold and Silver - Mike Maloney

Silver mining costs are below those of Gold , Silver is incredibly under valued says Mike Maloney, author of Rich Dad's Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, predicted $15,000 gold but think silver offers more upside over the long term.“The world is going to rush into gold, but just like at the end of ’79, once it gets too expensive for the common man, which I believe is somewhere between $2,500 and $5,000 an ounce this time, the public changes their preference and they start noticing that silver is still cheap, and they start buying silver. That’s when silver blows the doors off of gold on a percentage basis just like in ’79.”
In 1980, it took 1000oz of silver to buy a single family median price home, that day will come again but it’s probably going to be less than 500oz. This opportunity isn’t going to last for long…there are these brief moments that go by, as far as historic time, they go by in the blink of an eye…where the safest place to be, the place where people run to, to protect their financial well being during economic crisis, gold and silver, they have been the safe haven for your finances for 5000 years.

Mike Maloney explains the difference between investing in physical gold and silver and investing in gold mining stocks , which ones may give better returns , be careful with numismatics and small junior miners

Gold and Silver are Money all the rest is paper

The corrupt fiat monetary ship has already hit the ice berg . We are now in panic and wondering if we should put our life jackets on . We really hope that someone will save us all , but do we really buy that? The central banks are printing pieces of paper to try and plug the gaping hole in the hull , but the water is relentless. Meanwhile the ship announcer (media) is telling everyone that help is on the way. Do we really believe this? Its simple , put your life jacket on and get ready.

i vote to go on a silver standard. have only silver banks, no paper money. paper has to backed by silver only. all coins to have 90 percent silver in them We weren't on a classical gold standard during the 1920s. Rothbard: "Over the entire period of the boom, we find that the money supply increased by $28.0 billion, a 61.8 percent increase over the eight-year period. This is an average annual increase of 7.7 percent, a very sizable degree of inflation. Total bank deposits increased by 51.1 percent, savings and loan shares by 224.3 percent, and net life insurance policy reserves by 113.8 percent."

Max Keiser Silver Liberation Army

Max Keiser showing you can protect your earnings by investing in gold and silver, so it does not hurt as bad as the politicians and central bankers smash the value of their currencies, hurting ordinary savers.Are you going to join Max Keiser in his Silver Keiser' Liberation Army .The silver train is leaving the station! Do NOT get left behind!Silver is extremely undervalued, but if you have enough capital to buy and sell large quantities you can take those profits and invest them in other assets so that you are not singularly exposed. Silver is so cheap that just about anyone can buy it and eventually accumulate enough for a substantial nest egg.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gold at $1,500 in the next 3 months !

Gold at $1,500 in the next 3 months. says Dominic Schnider, Head of Commodity Research at UBS Wealth Management among the reasons he give are the weakness of the dollar the European debt problems and the possible bailout of Portugal

Are The Mining Stocks Safe Paper Assets ?

There are practically two schools of thought right now in one camp you have guys like Pastor Lindsey Williams who practically say get out of paper assets you cannot trust you need to get into physical assets like bullion gold and silver , the mining shares also being paper assets cannot be trusted as they may turn to be worth the paper they were written on , the second school of thought with reknown investors like John Embry and Eric Sprott who are saying you should take advantage of the silver and gold price rally by taking advantage of the leverage only available only to mining companies and mining shares ...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Gold and Silver Selloff

There is a big Selloff today in the Gold and Silver's market a lot of profit taking in this case a defensive approach is advised , gold price could go back as low as $1385 says analyst Phil Streible , this correction is a great occasion to buy more gold and silver a golden occasion that may not repeat itself before the summer when experts expect the Gold to go as high as $1500

Sunday, March 27, 2011

James Turk : Gold should be in backwardation even though interest rates don't show it.

In a recent interview with James Turk said that Gold is not just another commodity : JAMES TURK : No definitely not - because gold is not like other commodities. Gold is in fact not a commodity it's money. It's a tangible asset like other commodities but it is in a different asset class within this tangible asset group. Commodities are consumed and they disappear, gold does not get consumed, it doesn't disappear, it continues to be accumulated every year, there's about 1.5% more gold added to the above ground stock of gold - and the reason why gold is accumulated in this way is because it's money and as a consequence it has an interest rate structure that is determined by the market, so gold should be in backwardation even though interest rates don't show it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bob Chapman : Silver $60 /oz short term

Bob Chapman : ...Every two weeks I buy Silver and I do not care what the price is

Bob Chapman : my take is every two weeks I buy Silver and I do not care what the price is , it does not make any difference to me ...and I buy Gold too but mostly silver recently because I see the leverage that is involved , you are talking a hundred to one I talk 45 to one , but it dos not make any difference it's BIG and JP Morgan Chase and HSBC they're buried they can't get out , what we are talking about : $50 , $60 silver short term , what are we talking about ? a loss of 50 billion dollars ! that is a lot of money , now what I expect them to do when they get to that level and they cannot cover , they are gonna default

James Turk - Silver Backwardation Near All-Time Record

James Turk - Silver Backwardation Near All-Time Record , James Turk & Chris Waltzek - February 23, 2011
SIlver up 13% in the last month. Beats hell out of the 0.1% interest rate I was getting in the bank before I made my own little bank run.
If the Chinese are buying silver so should we! Buy silver it's a steal at the current prices. Look at historical charts, in 2000 it was $4.02 a troy & now its over $37, that means $10000 invested in 2000 would now equate to $90,000! buy silver instead of a new car!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Peter Schiff : Gold To Reach $5,000+/oz in the next ten years

Peter Schiff : I think the Gold is heading higher , the problem is not just the money that is in motion it's the printing presses , as long as we are doing Quantitative Easing the dollar is gonna lose value , in fact you mentioned what's keeping the Euro afloat . it is because you are measuring it against the dollar , and as weak as the Euro is the US Dollar is even weaker , we have hit today a record low against the Aussie Dollar....for the Gold to hit $5000 from here what is a triple , well Gold has more than tripled in the last ten years says Peter Schiff in fact i believe that gold will increase its rate of ascent in the next ten years versus the previous ten...

Gold posted a new High of $1448.60 before falling on thursday

Gold posted a new High of $1448.60 before falling on Thursday , another big rally in metals , large amounts of physical metal moving from the middle east and north Africa towards Malaysia apparently the dictators in north Africa are trying to get their assets in a form that won't be locked up by freezing accounts but will be in a friendly country that is Malaysia , the general mood toward precious metals is still bullish

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Silver or Gold as an investment ?

Both Gold and Silver hit today all time heighs ,the bull market continues due to different factors , amongst which the weakness of the US Dollar the industrial demand from japan (regarding Silver ) the bad news about the housing market and also the fears regarding a new QE3 and the FED continuing to print more US Dollars and dump them in the market....

McEwen : Gold is in for a big cycle, will rise to $5,000

"Gold will rise to $5,000 an ounce in the next three to four years as governments across the globe fuel money supply and raise the prospect of currency debasement, " Robert McEwen, chief executive officer of U.S. Gold Corp., told Bloomberg Television today . Gold is benefiting from the Financial Uncertainty created by Portugal debt and possible bailout by the EU .The price of gold today surpassed the record of $ 1,444.95 reached on March 7 a historical highs never seen before .

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Should the US restore the Gold Standard

The gold standard is what kept politicians in line, and kept out dollar strong. Arbitrarily printing money is weakening it - $4.7 trillion to $8.2 from 2001-2008 says everything. a dollar as good as gold could solve a lot of our trouble , the dollar's been devalued on purpose to prop up our real asset prices and stimulate exports and foreign investment in the US. It's all about increasing liquidity when there's a danger of liquidity drying up.Like any tangible commodity, the value of gold is arbitrary and susceptible to manipulation by the market. Altering the fraction in such a way would cause the value of Gold to rise exponentially at first, as I pointed out in a previous post, and then crash upon its value becoming inflated, resulting in an economic collapse. No, if such a transition would occur, it could be a gradual process only after the economy hits rock bottom and U.S. Treasuries begin to move into gold and other tangibles.

Gold was chosen, once upon a time, for its properties. Diamonds are not so practical as gold in that you can break up into any number of denominations without changing its mass/volume ratio. Can't do that with diamonds or Rubys. Silver has been used; in fact you could use it as another denomination as nickel and copper have been. Ever heard of nickels dimes and pennys?
You also have to remember that we had the gold standard in 1929 and the first four years of a depression. Nixon was forced to give it up because other countries would exchange their dollars for USD and buy gold. Result was gold was cheap to them. Therefore, the country was being depleted of gold. We have to be careful on what we do. But definitely END THE FED. Remember it is not the stock market that causes a depression. Rather it is the contraction of the money supplyortheammountof *principal.

Gold to go sharply higher up to $1800/oz says Rene Marion

Gold to go high but Silver to go even higher says Rene Marion, Gammon Gold president/CEO a Toronto based company says that he sees gold going to $1500 in the fall , because of the high inflation coming the tragedy in Japan which will add to inflationary pressure throughout the world for a lot of commodities and the devaluation of the US Dollar , Marion sees the Gold price going to $1500 dollars in the fall after we got through the summer lows and then an increase into 1800 , but silver will not only follow but surpass gold mainly because of industrial use that is expanding linked into the tragedy in Japan

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gaddafi uses gold to finance the war

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and his regime is using the large Gold stock the Central Bank of Libya. to finance his war against the international community in accordance with Security Council resolution 1973, , after all their assets were frozen .The latest IMF data show that the central Libyan reserves of Gold are 143.8 tons . The value of this quantity of gold more than 6.5 billion dollars, and thus Libya is among the top 25 Gold Reserves worldwide ,although many observers believe that the real amount of gold in Libya is more than this amount declared by several tons.Gaddafi is now using the Gold to pay the salaries of an army of mercenaries being not able to export the Oil which is the most important sources of income in the Libyan state . The Financial Times quoted people familiar with the activity of Libya in the gold market as saying that while the majority of central banks keep their reserves of gold in London or New York or Switzerland, the Libyan gold is already in Libya.Remains the difficulty for Gaddafi to sell the Gold and get cash for it

Silver outperforming Gold

Silver outperforming Gold on growing industrial demand and ongoing dollar weakness . Both Gold and Silver have been benefiting from the weakness of the dollar and the unrest in the middle east which reflected positively on the commodities market at a large

Monday, March 21, 2011

Deep Ocean Mining : The New Gold Mining Frontier

A mile or two underwater deep in the oceans and seas there is Gold Silver Copper zinc and lead , Because of new technology high prices and high demand , deep ocean gold mining is becoming economically feasible for the first time . High demand for precious metals has fueled interest in deep ocean mining, as land-based resources get stretched and need increases to follow up with the high demand coming from nations such as China and India, which have growing economies but relatively few natural resources . David Heydon, Founder & Chairman of DeepGreen Resources, discusses The New Gold Mining Frontier in international waters

Gold Prices Should Be at $1,500 says Jon Nadler,of

Jon Nadler, senior analyst at, says that the gold prices should be at $1500 by now due the weakness of the US dollar and other factors , but he does not expect the silver prices to go any higher from here , he projects the silver at $31 , $32 an ounce ....

Gold is best suited for a long term investments. The demand for gold as a currency and for jewelery has always been robust. Gold is very liquid and it exchangeable worldwide , The process of buying and selling with gold is quite quick. It offers near zero risk of value depreciation.Gold unlike stocks can never go to value Zero , One can even invest in gold online, nowadays. Investors can now buy, sell and virtually trade in gold commodity just like any other stock or equities. This has been a driving factor for many to invest in gold because investing online reduces the risk of actually owning the metal.But in this blog we always recommend the actual physical gold in your hand that you can touch feel and store , do not let anybody hold it or store it for you , better do it yourself .Gold prices are generally not affected by the fluctuation in the currency. The gold price does not rely on potency of the currency. Also, the price of gold is not influenced by any kind of political instabilities or crisis.However, gold doesn't provide any immediate appreciable income. The value of the income has to be seen over the long term.People buy gold in order to preserve the value of their money not for a quick gain cause gold is real money it has been so for more than 5000 years , hold it hoard it and wait ...the longer the better

Sunday, March 20, 2011

David Morgan, The Currency Crisis has begun

Andrew Maguire Re-Emerges: Ex-Goldman Trader Exposes JPMorgan, HSBC In Latest Silver Price Manipulation Class Action Lawsuit , I believe mining stocks will really outperform the metals!!!too many scams on eBay - or even local dealers ,stick to Apmex, Monex, Gainesvillescoins Honest people - few worries - good prices , some experts like Adrian Douglas are calling for silver to become extinct in two or three years.Tim Butler is more cautious nd speaks about 4-5 yrs.Well... the geologists said Ag is the first element which will disappear on the periodical table... so... let's buy, and hope!.bottom line is we "can finally see the bottom of the well. But so many rumors. Heard Bill Clinton and Chinese have billion ounces hidden ready to trash market when time comes. Next will be aliens dropping silver eagles from flying saucers. It will never "disappear". May become so rare only used in applications that can justify, say, a price of $10,000 an ounce. Who knows what the future holds. I still believe gvt will steal it all.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

David Morgan on The Asian Demand for Gold and Silver

David Morgan and John Doody on The Asian Demand for Gold and Silver - Financial Sense Newshour Mar/18/2011
China has been stockpiling gold since 2003 China has been buying via government channels from South Africa, Russia and South America . China is the world's largest gold producer and does not permit exports of gold ingots, only jewelery, leaving plentiful supplies for the domestic market.China produced 282 tonnes of gold last year,Investment demand in China rose to 68.9 tonnes from 25.6 tonnes in 2007. But that was still less than one third of retail demand in India, where total bullion consumption topped 660 tonnes last year.

Asian demand for silver is still strong and further physical silver shortage could develop.China and its people are getting richer. They have high savings rate which enables them to invest in production and buy gold, silver and other commodities.
As Chinese people getting richer they will want to increase their standards of living. They will create demand for electronics and other consumer goods.As we know it's impossible to make iphone or TV without silver.Silver is the best electricity conductor.There is a lot of potential for high silver demand.Around 20% of World's population lives in China.

Jim Rogers : Gold will be the great investment over the next decade

Jim Rogers says gold will be a great investment over the next decade as it is expected to test USD 2000 per ounce .Gold is more than just another commodity, it’s a currency. It is THE currency that has been the foundation of every worthwhile economy on the planet for over 5,000 years.Depression is coming and paper will be worthless.Physical gold is alot higher than COMEX.Perth(Australia) has now stopped taking orders until January.GOLD IS A CURRENCY!!!!

'Paper' gold is just as safe as a stock, 'electronic' gold is even less safe. Neither will be available to trade when the dollar collapses.

Friday, March 18, 2011

James Turk will rise to $8000/oz in 2013 2015 !

JAMES TURK : ..." I think it is - gold is the bedrock asset in your portfolio. You don't want to take risks with it so you have to be very careful how you store it and where you store it and thing that I always recommend is if you store it in a vault somewhere you always have to get third party independent verification that your gold and silver, if you own silver as well, are actually there in your name, recorded, not encumbered in any way and not loaned out by some bank. So I don't recommend storing in bank vaults, I recommend storing in private vaults like we do in Gold Money - we use a large Swiss company, VIA MAT International to store our customers' gold. So what you really want to do is be careful with your metal. You don't want to take risks with it and storage is an extremely important part of that component." he said in an interview with
James Turk Gold to shoot to $8000/oz Hyperinflation a sure thing : do not think gold is expensive , just keep on saving in Gold ....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

About the Japan Crisis and What to do?

Firstly, i pray that the Japanese disaster will end immediately and that the nuclear situation be kept well under control and a heavy rain cloud will just suddenly appear over the reactors and pour out godzillion tons of water at the fuel rods. My heartfelt condolences!

There has been rife talk about the next time bomb which is the Japan Sovereign debt. Let's begin the bad news.Japan's public debt is reaching 225% of GDP. Japan needs to spend more to rebuilt which will result in even more debt. Japan's aging population will result in less tax revenues which will increase the debt. S&P has recently cut Japan's sovereign debt rating for the first time since 2002.Moody says it might follow suit. If these bad news is not enough to send a chill up your spine, why not some pictures to add to the gloom....
From the picture, it can be seen that government revenue is on a downtrend while government expenditure is on the uptrend, together with the rising trend of the government debt. Oh Gosh! Well if that is still not enough, why not throw in some videos featuring Chief Economists from Whos who in the banking world to rub salt in the wound. Here it is, you unbelieving soul!
Is that enough to create some sort of fear? Are you breaking out in cold sweat now? Have you pee-ed in you pants yet! Not me. Maybe cos im a spinelss creep, so definitely no chills up my spine yet.
And I Shall repeat Bull Shit.
but but but....who is going to buy JGB bonds anymore to lend to the japanese government if the japanese population gets too old and their savings are depleted when they are not able to earn. (Some background:Most of the government debt is financed by her own citizens.I think its 80%, not sure. The japanese government is basically selling more JGB bonds to finance the interest on the debt, So its a vicious cycle, where the government borrows more to pay off previous debt and the debt can only get larger at a faster rate.).

Honestly, this response makes sense if  we are talking about an individual person borrowing from cashlines,cashplus,citibank readicredit, HSBC personal loans to pay off existing loans which have high interest rates. The party will end soon eventually when all resources are depleted. A person cannot borrow forever.This also applies to companies.

However, the situation is different for a government. A government is able to borrow infinitely just by printing more cash. So what if the japanese citizens one day start to lend less to the Japanese government by buying less JGB bonds. SO WHAT! The government can simply order The Bank of Japan to buy the bonds up by printing money and that has been unravelling recently when the BOJ has been printing trillions of YEN. ( Similar to the US FED). This gloom doom crap about a Japan Sovereign debt is really hyped up in my opinion.Bring it on..make it 100000000000000000% of GDP instead of the 200% of GDP.Somemore zeros.....yeah, make it 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% of GDP. It doesn't matter.

OK, having said the above. One consequence is this. Hyperinflation will result if governments just wantonly print money. SO for the individual investor, i feel the topmost concern now is to look for good investments that will beat the headline inflation. Therefore FIRE AWAY....BUY BUY BUY!Being fearful now because of the Japanese Sovereign Timebomb is plain stupid.It might be good for Japan too since it has been plagued by deflation for too long. Now what to buy....hmmmmm

*The above is my own opinions. I have been known to be wrong many times. But it has not been known if i have been correct more times or wrong more times......i wont tell.

Gold Mining stocks vs Gold Bullion

The gold stocks are certainly a wise way to bet on a rising gold price, but the differences with an investment in physical gold are enormous. The stock price evolves according to several factors: cost structure, available gold reserves, production cost, geopolitical risks ... A shareholder of a gold mine which was nationalized, for example, will be in deep trouble. Actions are never a refuge, not even when linked to gold. The physical gold and gold stocks are two very different asset classes. The physical gold is more insurance against inflation, the current monetary systems of the central banks and the shocks of the financial system. The gold stocks can be a speculative mean on a subsequent rise in the price of gold. Rob McEwen, Chairman & CEO of US Gold and founder of Goldcorp explains the difference between the Junior and the Senior mining stocks and why he prefers the juniors

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

John Embry of Sprott Asset Management Gold Over $2,000, Silver Above $50 in 2011

John Embry Sprott Asset Management Gold Over $2,000, Silver Above $50 in 2011

I heard that the USA will be out of money in around March 4, 2011. Bernanke the money printer as Marc Faber calls him . I thought he was just printing and imputing the crap into the Federal Reserves Beast Computer devaluing the currency. Maybe they will say phoque it and run it off the cliff.Goodbye Pension Plans. Silver at $50 or even at $500 is not beyond the realms of possibilities, there have been plenty of smart and savy commentators whom have suggested that certainly $400 is going to be a given! I've read others who paint a convincing forecast towards $15,000 Gold and $1,500 silver! Hold on to your positions, the mainstream public have yet to realise what is happening, when it does, that's the time to get ready to sell. When the DOW and FTSE are at parity with Gold ratio! Gold isnt in a bubble. The Fed is a bubble and its about to burst. End the Fed. However I hope the manipulation continues for a little longer because that will allow people to acquire more silver. Silver will outperform gold by a country mile. 2% of the population only invest in metals at present. We need to educate the general population because we will all have to help each other soon in the new normal world."I find it beyond remarkable that U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner can say with a straight face that the U.S. would not devalue the dollar for export advantage. He did exactly that in a speech to Silicon Valley business leaders just before an important meeting of the finance ministers of the G20 countries in Seoul, South Korea, in late October. I would suggest that this represents another classic example of making sure you pay attention to what people do rather than what they say. Geithner's obvious mendacity probably also contributed mightily to the essential failure of the Seoul conclave to arrive at any substantive answers on the subject of the intensifying currency wars." John Embry wrote few months ago in an oped article in the Investor's Digest of Canada

Gold Price back above $1,400 after the FED's FOMC meeting

Gold rising above 1,400 .Gold on the rise in Asian markets. In Singapore, the yellow metal rose to $ 1,400.38 an ounce the yellow metal back above $ 1,400 an ounce (1400.38), gaining 0.3%.The Federal Reserve U.S. central bank held its latest Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting on monetary policy on Tuesday. The FOMC holds eight regularly scheduled meetings during the year and other meetings as needed. The FED decided to continue with its $600 billion QE quantitative easing program and kept interest rates unchanged at record low levels.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ALERT : Fake Mexican Silver Coins

There are a lot of fake Mexican silver coins, all denominations and old dates as well, first tMexican Silver Coinshing is see if a magnet will stick to it, most I have seen that have the weight and feel are magnetic, A lot of Mexican silver coinage is either .903, .8 ,or .72 fine silver, there were very few denominations made from 10%, the 1957 - 1967 peso comes to mind.Most mexican silver dollars are only 10% silver.There are some very nice Mexican coins worth collecting and there are some that are basically worth scrapping...

The demand for gold in Asia reached a record high in first quarter 2011

Asians immense passion for gold continues to grow , China's Gold Imports Soaring almost a fivefold : Under the impetus of a persistent inflation in China and concern for maintaining its currency, the demand for gold in the Asian continent continues to be increasing and reached a record high in first quarter 2011.In this context, the 'new rich' and households with higher incomes in both China and India are turning increasingly to the precious metal as a way to diversify their investments.Just in the month of January, the Commercial Bank of China, a major financial institution in the country, has sold a total of 7 tons of gold bullion, which equates to around half of all sales transactions recorded by the bank over the year 2010. One reason for this growing demand for gold in China is still higher prices, which rose 4.9% in January compared to the same month last year. While analysts expected a higher figure, close to 5.3%, concern about inflationary pressures on the huge Asian continent could lead the Central Bank to review interest rates on the rise.Bank of China has been actively promoting gold and silver products for years. Silver & Gold Pandas can be purchased once again by special order but to my knowledge can no longer be purchased on-site at the bank. Prices for Silver Pandas have increased from about 160RMB a year ago to now about 240 - 270 RMB per coin. The price varies by dealer. One thing is for certain, demand is sure there. Prices will only increase. We are just getting started in the greatest bull run for precious metals in history! and Asia is the biggest player in this bull market

Tips on Investing in Gold

Investing in Gold
Tips on How to invest in gold and silver wisely :

Investors who see gold and silver as the main protection against inflation, can use several ways of investing money into precious metals, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages:

• Direct purchase of gold and silver in the form of ingots, coins, etc.;
• purchase of shares of gold mining companies;
• Investing in mutual funds specializing in investments in shares of companies that produce silver or gold.

During periods of hyperinflation, direct investment in bullion and coins are likely to be more profitable than acquiring shares in mining companies. In extreme circumstances, which include hyperinflation, shares of mining companies may be taxed by special state taxes such as additional income taxes that were applied to oil companies in the 70's. And, of course, the government may again prohibit the acquisition of the ownership of gold and silver, which would put investors in a quandary. How often and correctly note, rare coins, attracting the attention of investors during periods of market recovery of gold and silver provide a good yield, comparable with the yield muyu long-term investment. However, rare coins should not be considered in the same context as the full-weight coins, such as American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs and Krugerrands, prices are tied to the value contained in them the precious metal. Collecting rare coins, in fact, not much different from collecting stamps, ceramics, art objects or beer cans. Accurate assessment, competence and reputation of the seller, the study and comparison of different proposals - key conditions for success in this market.

With inflation hovering between the middle and high income, the best option of investment is likely to represent the shares of mining companies and funds that specialize in securities of these companies. Buying these stocks do not related to the high commission and the cost of maintenance and storage inherent in investing in precious metals. During such periods, the shares can be very high dividends.

Typically, shares of mining companies YUAP sold through ADRs or mutual funds, and for them is characterized by a lower ratio of D / P and higher dividends than in shares of gold mining companies in the U.S. and Canada. However, despite the attractiveness of companies YUAP, many investors never buy them because of personal dislike of apartheid, or high political risk.

Investors should not forget about the possibility of civil unrest, strikes and other problems in South Africa. As already mentioned, in this country account for a large portion of the total world production of gold. Gold mining industry, which employs 450 thousand workers (mostly blacks), has a large share of the economy and exports of the country. Any sudden interruption in the supply of gold from South Africa could lead to a sharp increase its world market prices and lower stock prices of South African gold mining companies, at least for a while.

Investors seeking to diversify their equity portfolio of South African gold mining companies, can use the services of private investment company ASA Ltd., Whose shares are traded on the NYSE. Statement by the African National Congress of the termination of their guerrilla war in South Africa, made in August of 1990, considerably strengthened the confidence of investors in this country. ASA pays annual cash dividend over the past 30 years.

Japan selling gold to raise Cash after the Quake

Huge Gold and Silver sell off following Japan Quake some rumors say that Japan is selling gold to raise Cash , investors panic to sell gold for cash. Gold index is on the spot price down almost 35 dollars , some are saying with production down because plants are being closing down we may see profit taken and liquidation in both Gold and Silver ....Spot gold prices traded in nervous fashion this morning, following a weak opening near the $1,411 level on the bid-side. the psychological level of $1,400 could not been maintained and the spot price is at present around $1393 /oz , Silver have seen more than 2% drop

How to take advantage of rising gold prices

How to take advantage of rising gold prices

The troubles in North Africa and the Middle East that drove up oil prices, prompting investors to seek refuge again in gold. However, gold stocks did not follow the pace. Wrongly or rightly?
After undergoing a correction earlier this year the gold price has again topped $ 1,400. Any investor arises the same question: "How to benefit?". The most common alternatives are buying physical gold (bullion or coins) and trackers (index funds) on gold. In contrast, gold mines shares are less known. And yet: the rising price of gold should be a good deal for the mining companies too.

The Problem of The Volatility :

The volatility is characteristic of gold stocks. This volatility is a major cause: the price of gold. Suppose the price of gold rises from 1300 to 1430 dollars (+10%). For a mining company whose cost of production amounts to 1,000 dollars, the same increase should generate earnings growth of 43%. In theory, because profit margins are not only the price of gold. That said, this leverage also echoed in the share prices of "gold diggers". Since 2001, the date of the beginning of the upward trend of the gold metal price has quintupled. Gold Bugs Index The index is almost three times better over the same period and is 14 times higher today. Investors, however, have endured the effects of the crash in 2008 (-30%).

Risks of Investing in Gols :

The major mining groups are Barrick Gold, Newmont and Goldcorp Goldminings, "senior", or values ​​established in the sector, which produce gold in abundant quantities. And then there are the "junior", the smaller mines or the real gold diggers: companies looking for operating sites, which are developing promising projects but only a handful actually succeed in extracting gold from the earth.

The potential gains are enormous in this third category of activity, measurement of risk. Find a junior position to keep its promises, however, the challenge is to evaluate the potential of these businesses, we need to seek a network of experts of all kinds, including geologists. The area is complex and evolves with divergent factors. For the individual investor, analysis essential information is difficult toget and is burdensome.

Diversification good or bad :

For investors seeking broad diversification, ETFs on an index of mining companies can provide an initial response. The Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) consists for example of the largest gold mines in the world. There are also a junior version (GDXJ). Helped by rising gold (+28%), these two ETFs have gained last year's 33 and 55% respectively

Monday, March 14, 2011

What Gold investment is best for you?

Gold investment
What investment in gold is best for you?
Gold creates a real passion now. To take advantage of the gold rally several options are available . But beware: any form of investment does not suit everyone.
Since the bursting of the financial crisis, demand for gold as an investment is rising again. This growing popularity is also reflected in the figures compiled by the World Gold Council, an advocacy organization in the gold sector. In 2008, total world demand for gold as an investment (bullion, coins and ETFs) has reached $ 24 billion, an increase of 10 billion from the previous year. The trend continues since then . In late September, demand for gold as an investment accounted for 43 billion dollars. And the counter never stops turning. There are no accurate statistics for any country let alone for the whole world , but a survey of the major banks tells us that investors worldwide are rediscovering gold as an investment and a safe heaven. Rising demand pushes gold prices to their highs. All time records have been reached and it never stops some analysts say Gold could go as far as $2000 $5000 or even $15000 and $50000 . This week the gold price has reached 1,440 dollars. Compared to the potential of gold prices, opinions diverge. Some analysts believe that the ceiling has already been reached, others see the metal move towards $ 2,000 or more this year. But these projections are interesting as more speculators enter the market. But the average Investor should only care on how to protect his assests from an ever falling dollar . Investment in gold can be accomplished in different ways and each one provides a different investment profile.

* Gold Mining Shares : The shares of gold mines are for the aggressive investor anticipation of an upturn after the crisis. "Leverage is important in the gold market. "When the gold was up 100%, the gold mines are assessed by 300%! However, investors should keep an eye on costs and worry about the political stability of the region where the mine is located, .
* ETFs : ETFs are index funds that reflect the changing price of gold. With each purchase, equivalent in physical gold is bought and placed in a vault in the bank. "Rumors say that gold is physically but not always covered by futures, options and insurance. If several operators had the bad idea of ​​committing malpractice in deliveries, these products would collapse, . According to experts, ETFs are good for investors who wish to speculate on short-term price movements of gold.
* Bullion : Buy bullion and gold coins and keep them in a trunk: now even the simplest way to invest in gold. These ingots and coins can be bought and sold in several banks or traditional banks specific gold. The physical gold suits investors seeking defensive protection of their investment portfolio.

Geopolitical factors and The Weak Dollar have contributed To heat up the Gold and Silver prices

Unrest in the middle east and north Africa , Geopolitical events, oil prices skyrocketing, the Greek crisis, the weak dollar, all these factors are pushing up the prices of gold and silver which are hitting all time records , The Fear of inflationary growth fueled demand for safe-haven investment , analysts and manufacturers expect further price rises, especially if the crisis gets worse in Libya and expand to other countries • Gold and silver continue their rally in the wake of tensions and violence in the Middle East and North Africa. At the second London fixing the yellow metal has updated the highs climbing to $ 1437.5 per ounce, in New York during the sitting Gold futures hit a peak of $ 1,445, then downsized slightly. Also in London, silver jumped more than 6% up to 36.6 U.S. dollars an ounce, a level never seen in the last years. a number of factors have contributed To heat up the gold prices, , particularly the geopolitical situation. In recent weeks the gold (and silver) is in fact confirmed as a safe haven by excellence in the light of fears of inflationary growth, fueled by continued increases in oil prices - the prices recently reached their maximum of two and a half years driven by fears of an escalation of clashes in Libya and a possible domino effect in countries such as Bahrain or Saudi Arabia - and the difficult economic situation in some European countries, first of all Greece, whose ratings were downgraded yesterday by Moody's. Add to this also the weakness of the dollar, which yesterday again lost ground against the euro due to expectations of a more aggressive monetary POLICIES by the European Central Bank than the U.S. Fed. But that's not all. The demand for gold, not only for investment remains strong, especially in Asia and the prices are at record (in the respective currencies) in India and Japan. And the predictions are for further rises. Recently JP Morgan analysts during a conference in Toronto, estimated for this year to an average price of $ 1,465 an ounce. Similar expectations also of Anglo-Gold Ashanti - the world third largest gold miner - which provides for much higher prices this year of the current. HSBC Global Asset Management to throw water on the fire instead. The prices - they say - are already very high and for the future, especially to protect against any acceleration in inflation, it might be better to focus on other things, such as shares or other commodities (maybe oil) with highest growth potential. this also apply to silver, whose prices are rising much faster than gold, a race report confirmed by the gold / silver ratio which yesterday dropped below fourth for the first time since February 1998. With gold prices moving upward, the silver is well positioned to do more some analyst believe. The growing demand for investment (for silver and other precious metals). I think the fundamentals of the sector give grounds for further price rises, although we may see a setback in the short term.

James Turk : $1800/oz Gold in 2011

JAMES TURK: We are going to hit the $1,800 - it’s just a question of time. It will probably happen in the first quarter. This is normally a seasonal strong time of the year and there are a lot of fundamental factors that are driving gold higher so we won’t hit $1,800 before year end but we could hit $1,500 though even though we have a few weeks left, it’s still a reasonable target but we should be looking for $1,800 in the first quarter of 2011.

Gold Price still rising in Asia

The Yellow metal just below the record
14 MAR - Gold rising in electronic trading in Asia at $ 1,432.68 an ounce (+1.1%). The yellow metal is positioned just below the record mark of $ 1,444.95 of March 7

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Quake impact on The Gold and the dollar

Mar. 11 2011 | Discussing whether gold and the dollar remain "safe haven" plays on the Japan earthquake and tsunami news, with Dan Denbow, USAA Precious Metals & Minerals Fund, and Joseph Trevisani, FX Solutions.

Mike Maloney and Max Keiser on Deflation, Gold, Silver and China

Mike Maloney interviewed by Max Keiser on The Keiser Report.

Mike Maloney is the author of the "Rich Dad's guide to investing in Gold and Silver" and has a lot of knowledge on economic history.

Mike talks about the banking system and how they create and expand the money supply via fractional loaning.
He explains the future and the debt crisis and how it will boost gold and silver.

In his book he describes "The Biggest Wealth Transfer in The History of Man Kind".
You can become extremely wealth during times of economic turmoil... If you know how!

David Morgan on The Silver Shortage - Financial Sense Newshour 11 Mar 2011

Junk silver, best value in silver space; silver shortages . is Silver Shortages Real ?
Financial Sense Newshour Metals Update with David Morgan
I think that is what Morgan trying to say. It is possible to buy silver,David Morgan is one of the more sensible guys out there providing information about the silver market availability and pricing.Jim puplava and David Morgan..... minute 14:57 tight situation... minute 15:50 the premiums are going up and after that they are pushing junk silver.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

David Morgan - March 9 2011 Podcast

David Morgan  founder of, March 9 2011 Podcast- Gold:Silver Ratio, Silver Wheaton, Inflation/Deflation . David Morgan sheds light on some behind-the-scenes realities of the silver market. The main problem with the precious metal is that, in some transactions there is no real, physical silver and what the investor gets in return for his money is paper silver. Some federal banks have pursued the trend for a quite long time and continue to do add to their huge pile of liability by issuing more and more paper silver.Gold was the investment of the last decade Silver is the Investment of this decade says Eric Sprott ...BUY THE SILVER NOW!.

Is Silver  an investment or  is it money or both ?. If anything it is the dollar which is the investment - and a very bad one at that.If the true nature of the silver market were exposed, and if the CFTC would do it's job and force the big banks to reduce their shorts to a significantly smaller number of short contracts [invisible silver] then we will definitely see 250 dollar silver .silver has to be measured against other commodities, as well as the stock market, and possibly even housing. That's the only real way to tell how "expensive" it is.
All the housing in the U.S is valued over 20 trillion. The stock market is 12 trillion. All the Silver on the planet above ground is 250 billion.

PDAC 2011 Toronto - Kitco video coverage

video coverage by Kitco News of the 2011 Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Trade Show (PDAC)
PDAC 2011: Kitco News


David Schectman founder Miles Franklin says SELL ALL GOLD & PUT IT INTO SILVER....
buy any good deal u can ignore the roller coaster and SIT ON UR PRECIOUS , the silver/gold ratio has nowhere to go but down-buy silver now

If JP Morgan is working to suppress prices at the behest of the fed or government, and it is too big to fail, then they don't care about paying premiums for people not to take delivery. They'll get bailed out for losses anyway.

Gold going $3000 to $4000 in 2012 says Lindsey Williams

Gold going $3000 to $4000 in 2012 says Lindsey Williams
given the current ratio of 39.61 to 1, then once gold reaches $3000 silver should be at least worth $75 USD/oz however if you read my other post, I did mention that i believe it will worth more than $75/oz before Gold reaches $3000.

Pastor Lindsay has been spot on for years now
Pastor Lindsey Williams, who has been an ordained Baptist minister for 28 years, went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary. The Transalaska oil pipeline began its construction phase in 1974, and because of Mr. Williams' love for his country and concern for the spiritual welfare of the "pipeliners,&quot ; he volunteered to serve as Chaplain on the pipeline, with the subsequent full support of the Alyeska Pipeline Company. Because of the executive status accorded to him as Chaplain, he was given access to information documented in his eye opening book, The Energy Non-Crisis.
After numerous public speaking engagements in the western states, certain government officials and concerned individuals urged Mr. Williams to put into print what he saw and heard, stating that they felt this information was vital to national security. Mr. Williams firmly believes that whoever controls energy controls the economy. Thus, The Energy Non-Crisis.

Eric Sprott - Silver going to $100 - March 1st 2011

Eric Sprott - Silver going to $100 - March 1st 2011 . Eric sprott speaking from the mining conference in Florida

Friday, March 11, 2011

David Morgan, on gold new range

Gold Prices at Top of Range
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- David Morgan, founder of, breaks down gold's new range now that the metal is not fulfilling its role as a safe haven asset.

Gold prices reversing some earlier losses on safe haven buying after earthquake slammed Japan. Because gold index is and a spot price up but just about three dollars thank you David mark and founder of silver investor dot -- to David. A question here is why isn't gold you know when he -- higher what's gonna holding back. Gold's safe haven rally here.

Buy gold before China pulls the plug

In this video, Francis Schutte, Founder of, tells James Turk, Founder/Chairman of GoldMoney and Director of the GoldMoney Foundation how he got interested in gold in the Seventies and Eighties. Neither of both accept Ben Bernanke to increase interest rates like Paul Volcker did in the Eighties. The United States would not be able to absorb a rise in interest costs. Not raising the rates would lead to Weimar style hyperinflation, according to James.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Peter Schiff was right. Buy Silver

Peter Schiff was right. Buy Silver
"Our paper money is precious" I actually laughed when I heard that
That 2006 CNBC video is PRICELESS!!! Peter Schiff is saying the same thing in 2011 and he is right again! (Peter Schiff on CNBC FastMoney 2/28/2011)Peter Schiff is one of my favorite economist along with Milton Freedman

Gold Prices Can Go A Lot Higher Says Tye Burt, of Kinross Gold Corp

Tye Burt, chief executive officer of Kinross Gold Corp., discusses the outlook for gold prices and the company's gold production and business strategy. Burt speaks with Bloomberg's Adam Johnson at the BMO Capital Markets Global Metals & Mining Conference in Hollywood, Florida. (Source: Bloomberg)

Middle East Crisis: What It Means for Gold

Jon Nadler, senior analyst for Kitco Metals, discusses Libya, oil prices, OPEC, and what this means for gold; China, India, inflation, and base metals also discussed. Daniela Cambone reports.

Silver or Gold as a Safe Haven ?

Silver : Safety With a Cyclical Twist - safe haven buyers prefer Silver to Gold
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Nick Brooks, head of research and investment strategy for ETF Securities, says safe haven buyers are out in Europe and are preferring silver.

Gold price is on the rise and they haven -- he could be and it did Tuesday eloped. Because gold index is on the spot price over three dollars joining me nick brooks had a research and investment strategy ETF securities. Now it which is safe haven buying coming from today and it doesn't look -- coming from the Middle East North Africa region so weird coming.

SILVER MANIPULATION DAY OF RECKONING - David Morgan and Mike Maloney In Las Vegas

SILVER MANIPULATION DAY OF RECKONING - David Morgan & Mike Maloney In Las Vegas

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Silver hits a 31 year high at $36.74

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Anthony Neglia of Tower Trading breaks down the silver trade as prices keep breaking to 31-year highs.
Silver hits a 31 year high at $36.74 is it time to take profits or do you wanna stay long ?

Anthony Neglia :'...Well I guess did you before -- see a lot of the profit taking is being done from overnight highs the intraday lows OK and we haven't broken. Any major trend lines to the downside yes thirty dollars would probably be a very cycle -- you know psychologically damaging for the -- investor OK but for those that. Are looking to get in at lower levels that would probably be the area that -- you know that I feel that it would would stop and some renewed buying interest. I mean there's a tremendous amount of open interest in the -- forty dollar call we have about 101000 Dodd 101000 contracts -- They don't expire for another month towards the end of April so if we get a hint of 38 to forty dollars over. This to be very very interesting. Moved to the upside if those calls happened to go in the money. Heinous thing any short contracts right now. Not really -- there is some profit taking on some options areas. As far as we're concerned but I don't see anybody taking any significant short positions in futures or an options okay -- beyond. This which is. The switches that have been done you still have a lot of shorts now because of the back would be seen in the further out months so eventually those are going to have to be bought back. Okay which. Renews my. Renews my faith in the fact that this is going to be -- continued rally. Question how are you treating you taking profits during the day in and buying back -- I like to take it from the elected taking from the long side finding areas that I would rather buy. And areas that I would rather sell so what that area like -- that area for me is the you know 35 area -- you know makes over. OK and -- you can take you know twenty -- profits in two day that's you know very good day's pay....'

Jeffrey Christian on The Silver High Streak - 2011 PDAC convention in Toronto

Jeffrey Christian on The Silver High Streak - 2011 PDAC convention in Toronto . Kitco News continues it's exclusive coverage of the 2011 PDAC convention in Toronto with comments from Jeffrey Christian, Managing Director at CPM Group. Senior reporter Daniela Cambone interviews him on silver's hot streak and an overnight all time high.

Gold and Silver at Record High amidst Libya Crisis

Gold hits all time record high ; silver at 31-yr high

Trading sentiments for the yellow metal turned bullish on heavy buying support, following turmoil in Libya and surging crude oil prices. While gold surged Rs 200 to Rs 21,420 per 10 grams on rising seasonal demand, silver rose by Rs 1,250 to Rs 54,450 per kg on heavy buying by stockists and industrial units, amid firm global cues. However, such a rise has hardly made any difference in the enthusiasm of Indian buyers.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Price of Gold and The Middle East Crisis

Middle East Crisis: What It Means for Gold - Kitco News .Jon Nadler, senior analyst for Kitco Metals, discusses Libya, oil prices, OPEC, and what this means for gold; China, India, inflation, and base metals also discussed. Daniela Cambone reports

Gold : Buy or Sell ?

Mar. 7 2011 | Discussing whether the rush for gold is over, with Jim Iuorio, TJM Institutional Services and Tom O'Brien, The Gold Report.

Gold $2,600 by 2014 says analyst David Bensimon

Analyst David Bensimon (Polar Pacific) explains that gold will outperform the U.S. dollar and maintains his previous price call of $2,600 for the yellow metal by the year 2014; Kitco News' Daniela Cambone reports from the iGlobal Forum in New York.
via kitco news

Andy Gause, why Gold why now - Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2011.03.03

Andy Gause wrote the book "The secret world of money" he joins Jeff Rense to discuss the financial problems that the US and thus the world are currently facing the Gold and Silver Rally , how to invest in Gold and Silver .This is just Andy Gause doing what he does best, telling it like it is.

Price targets for gold and silver in this rally

Have Gold and Silver Prices Run Too Fast?
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Phil Streible, senior market strategist at Lind-Waldock, reveals his price targets for gold and silver and how he's buying the precious metals.

Gold and Silver legal Tender in Utah

Utah took its first step Friday toward bringing back the gold standard when the state House passed a bill that would recognize gold and silver coins issued by the federal government as legal currency.

The House voted 47-26 in favor of the legislation that would also exempt the sale of gold from the state capital gains tax and calls for a committee to study alternative currencies for the state.

The legislation now heads to the state Senate, where a vote is expected next week.

Under the bill, the coins would not replace the current paper currency but would be used and accepted voluntarily as an alternative.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gold $2,000 oz & Silver $105 oz conservatively here's why (historical facts)

Gold $2,000 oz & Silver $105 oz conservatively here's why (historical facts) Silver now 36.25 Make that 13Oz's keep stacking and keep killing JP Morgan.CRASH JP MORGAN BUY SILVER.

Pay taxes in gold ?

Pay taxes in gold ? Obama golf, we buy gold! the gold bull market has still a long way to go we are in phase of the rally , not yet in a bubble ....

Bert Dohmen, technician and forecaster extraordinaire, on The Financial Sense NewsHour Mar/05/2011

You are listening to Financial Sense News Hour with Jim Puplava
On the Financial Sense Newshour this week, Jim Puplava is pleased to welcome back Bert Dohmen of the Wellington Letter and Dohmen Capital Research Institute, Inc. Jim and Bert cover a number of topics that include Middle East turmoil, QE3 as well as higher precious metal and oil prices.

Silver Backwardation - Ron Paul and Peter Schiff warning

Silver Backwardation and Ron Paul / Peter Schiff warning

China Secret Plot to Dump the Dollar

China Secret Plot to Dump the Dollar
Short video on China's secret plot to dump the United States dollar as the world's reserve currency, and how to protect yourself when this happens.

Oil, silver and cotton at record prices

The clashes between forces loyal to Gaddafi and rebel factions are turned with particular violence in different parts of Libya, including the Ras Lanuf, a major oil terminal and home to the largest refinery in the country. Oil prices have then started running again and concluded in the case of WTI at the highest since September 2008 (104.42 U.S. dollars per barrel). The Brent is returned instead at $ 116 / bbl. Even gold, has regained ground, going over $ 1.43 per ounce. The silver had risen by more than 3%, went to the highest for 31 years, more than $ 35 / oz. Mostly weak or slightly wavy, however, the LME non-ferrous metals. Few also increases in agricultural markets. These include cotton, the historical record more than 215 USC / lb Ice and robusta coffee, the highest for over two years to Liffe (in contrast with the Arabic instead has lost 0.6%). In Progress in Chicago wheat and rice, and corn has an allowance of 1, 2%. Down more than 2% finally for the cocoa and sugar, both London and New York.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

David Morgan and Mike Maloney on The Financial Sense Newshour Mar/04/2011

Why Silver Prices are Heading Higher—The Fundamentals . A special roundtable on the silver market : David Morgan and Mike Maloney on The Financial Sense Newshour Mar/04/2011

Andrew Gause - Gold and Silver Suppression

Andy Gause - Gold and Silver Suppression


Every $20 Billion in new money will move the price of silver $144 higher. JP Morgan is in deep. Very, very deep.You have about 1 month left to buy silver if you wait till next year you will miss a massive wealth transfer to you and your familly

Always remember. If you are waiting on delivery you used your credit card. If you used your credit card Obama knows what you bought. New financial bill. ALL transactions go to White House

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bob Quartermain : Silver supply constraints

Silver supply constraints explained by Bob Quartermain . Bob Quartermain spoke about the constraints facing silver supply today, "Mine supply doesn't meet demand and in many of the new applications silver isn't being recycled, so it's not going to come back into the scrap supply chain... We'll have to go out and find new mines or new sources for silver and that can only speak to higher prices."

Silver or Gold - David Morgan, on Which Best Metal to Own ?

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- David Morgan, founder of, reveals his trading positions for gold and silver and which metal has more upside for the long and short...

Gold prices are popping on Friday after it -- but not often jobs number. Because gold index and the spot -- at it over thirteen dollars joining me is David Morgan founder and silver investor dot com. And even -- off. Look at silver and gold didn't do you have on right now it's been awhile since we talked.....

Alan Greenspan, on The Gold Rally

Mar. 4 2011 | Gold prices reveal that there are "uncomfortable" elements in the market, says Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Silver - The investment of the next decade : Eric Sprott

Eric Sprott of sprott asset management talks about silver, silver stocks, silver bullion shortage...

There Is No More SILVER.Eric Sprott Speaking at the Casey Research Gold and Resource Summit.

There Is No More SILVER.Eric Sprott Speaking at the Casey Research Gold and Resource Summit.  This is how I stay ahead of Inflation and you can do it to from any where in the world.

Precious Metals vs stocks

Mining for Silver
Mar. 3 2011 | An outlook on demand for precious metals, which have fallen on the day as stock prices have gone higher, with Dennis Wheeler, Coeur D'Alene Mines Corporation CEO. Silver is currently at a 30-year high.

Ellis Martin Report with Peter Spina of Gold

Peter Spina of and is interview by Ellis Martin at The Phoenix Investment Conference. Mr. Spina reviews current and future market trends for gold and silver. His websites are two of the top ranked sites on the web in precious metals. He states that the country of his parents, the Czech Republic is much more LIbertarian than the U.S. now is, comparing America now to similarities under previous Communist rule in Czechoslovakia. This is a compelling interview.

Silver is very difficult sourcing says Eric Sprott and explains backwardation

Silver is in backwardation and very difficult sourcing says Eric Sprott from Sprott mngmt assets .Silver is very difficult sourcing says Eric Sprott and explains backwardation ...Silver to Go to $100. That's based on Au being $1600. I a few years Au might be $2000 or more.I think $100 bucks silver is a conservative value i see it at £100 ;) this year which makes my new 911 turbo a reality

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Silver to $500/oz says Silver expert Jason Hommel

Why Silver is Headed to $500/oz - plus, Backwardation Explained by Jason Hommel .Silver expert Jason Hommel tells why silver, at just under $35 today, will eventually hit $500 per ounce, plus he explains why backwardation is now happening in the silver futures market.

Can Gold Hold Onto its Gains?

Mar. 1 2011 | John Vautrain, director & VP at Purvin and Gertz and Tom Price, global commodity analyst at UBS AG, discuss their outlook for gold and base metals.