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Ron Paul on the Gold and the FED

Ron Paul on Eliminating the Fed 9/29/10

Gold and The Government

Frank Holmes, How to Profit Off Record High Metal Prices

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Frank Holmes, portfolio manager of the Gold and Precious Metal Fund, reveals his favorite precious metal stocks to own and which metal he thinks has the most upside potential.
Thu 09/30/10 07:00 AM EST -- Alix Steel
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Downside Risks for Gold Prices

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Jon Nadler, senior analyst at, reveals some factors that could weigh on the gold price in the short and long term.
Thu 09/30/10 11:13 AM EST -- Alix Steel
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Gold ATM

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There is no Gold at Fort Knox - Craig Hulet

Craig Hulet on Coast to Coast AM Sept 06 2010 : there is no Gold at Fort Knox

Craig B Hulet was both speech writer and Special Assistant for Special Projects to Congressman Jack Metcalf (Retired). He has been a consultant to federal law enforcement ATF&E of Justice/Homeland Security for over 20 years. Hulet served in Vietnam 1969-70, 101st Airborne, C Troop 2/17th Air Cav and graduated 3rd in his class at Aberdeen Proving Grounds Ordnance School MOS 45J20 Weapons. He remains a paid analyst and consultant in various areas of geopolitical, business and security issues.
Foreign policy analyst Craig B. Hulet discussed new rulings by the US government that infringe on people's privacy under the guise of the "War on Terror." In a recent incident, law enforcement placed a GPS tracking device on a person's vehicle, without a warrant. The court ruled that this was legal because the person's home wasn't gated off from the public, he reported. In another case, a woman was arrested and convicted for videotaping police making an arrest of her neighbor, he detailed. We're seeing that "more and more courts are ruling in favor of violations of our fundamental rights," especially our right to privacy, said Hulet.

Body scans at airports, and other locations are actually being kept on file, when initially people were told this wouldn't be done, he noted, adding that such scans are even being done through vans on the streets. "Once a government has been given a certain amount of power, it always seeks more," he cautioned. Unmanned drones are now being employed for surveillance on the US southern border, and Hulet suggested that it's just a matter of time before such drones are flying over major American cities. In the post 9-11 world, Americans have increasingly traded their liberty for security, he lamented.
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Frank Holmes Gold Absolutely Still a Buy: Metal Will Double in 5 Years

source :
Gold jumped back above $1300 per ounce Tuesday morning and "absolutely" has more upside ahead, according to Frank Holmes, CEO and CIO of U.S. Global Investors, which has about $2.6 billion of assets.

Despite all the hype about its multi-year rally, gold is actually lagging many other commodities in that it hasn't yet eclipsed its 1980 high on an inflation-adjusted basis, Holmes says, noting the same is true of silver.

"If we were to go through those 1980 [inflation-] adjusted prices, gold would be at $2300 per ounce today," he says, calling that a "fair" target for the metal.

There is no bubble" in gold, Holmes says, declaring "it's a pretty easy layup that gold can double" from here over the next 5 years.

Holmes, who co-manages U.S. Global's Gold & Precious Metals Fund and World Precious Minerals Fund, cites the following to justify his bullish outlook:

Growth in Global Money Supply: Government efforts to fight the credit crisis have included huge spending and debt guarantee programs, resulting in greater supply but less confidence in "paper money." (On Tuesday, the Dollar Index fell to its lowest level since early February as weak U.S. economic data point to more efforts by the Fed to "reflate" the economy via quantitative easing.)

Emerging Middle Class: The big difference between gold's current run and the bull market of the 1970's is the "economic footprint" of emerging market economies, most notably India and China, Holmes says. "Forty percent of the world's population believe in gold and give gold as gifts" -- and have the money to buy them in increasing numbers.

The Big Dumb Money: "All the pension funds, all the endowment [funds] aren't running into gold...yet," Holmes says, noting those investors "piled into" tech in 2000 and private equity funds in 2006. Meanwhile, European Central Banks have dramatically slowed their gold sales and could become buyers in the years ahead.

Alchemy vs. Reality: Gold skeptics often note that almost every ounce of gold ever mined remains in existence. That may be true, but Holmes says new supply is on the wane, suggesting it's "easier to invent a new technology" than find a 10 million ounce deposit. And if you were to discover such a bonanza, you'd have to incur huge infrastructure costs and meet rising regulatory hurdles to get the 'yellow metal' out of the ground.

Of course, you should question anything that looks like a "can't lose" investment - and bulls say gold wins whether the economy is hit by deflation or inflation. But gold has defied its skeptics for a decade and shows no sign of letting up now.

Gold to go Vending Machines coming to the US

Gold Prices Hit Record High

Gold to go Vending Machines coming to the US . Is gold still a good place to park your cash?

Gold Reaches Another Record

Trading Advantage President Larry Levin on why investors are flocking to gold.

Bill Murphy: The Gold Price Explosion Is Still Ahead Of Us

Bill Murphy, GATA Chairman (source : )
Murphy grew up in Glen Ridge, N.J., and graduated from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University in 1968. In his senior year he broke all the Ivy League single-year pass-receving records. He then became a starting wide receiver for the Boston Patriots of the American Football League. He went on to work for various Wall Street brokerage firms and specialized in commodity futures. He began as a Merrill Lynch trainee and went on to Shearson Hayden Stone and Drexel Burnham. From there he became affiliated with introducing brokers and eventually started his own brokerage on 5th Avenue in New York. He now operates an Internet site for financial commentary,

To Visit The Website, Please Click Here.

Gold for Inflation and Deflation

Gold So precious these days

Seems like gold hits a new record every day. Is it a bubble or is it spiking on legitimate concerns about the economy?

Debt Obligations of Borrowers’ Heirs

By their very nature, reverse mortgages are designed to remain outstanding until the death of the last remaining borrower. This raises a couple important questions: how is this debt repaid, and what obligations, if any, are assumed by the borrowers’ heirs?

Reverse mortgage lenders certainly don’t make this issue easy to understand, since some claim that the debt is transferred to the borrowers’ heirs upon death, but others advertise that the slate is wiped clean and hence, there is no risk that the heirs would be on the hook for any unpaid debt. As it turns out, they are both right.

Since a reverse mortgage is a loan agreement, of course it must be repaid. In most cases, the property that serves as collateral for the reverse mortgage is simply sold upon the death of the borrower, and the proceeds from the sale are used to repay the loan. Any leftover cash reverts to the borrower’s estate and will be distributed accordingly. If the sale of the property does not generate enough proceeds to repay the loan, the FHA – assuming the reverse mortgage was a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) – is on the hook for the difference – not the borrower and certainly not his estate. It is because of this FHA insurance, that neither the borrower nor his heirs bear an risk from property depreciation (unlike with a conventional mortgage) when obtaining a reverse mortgage. [If the reverse mortgage was an insured private loan, the above doesn't apply].

The problem of repaying the loan naturally becomes more complex if the borrower’s heirs (or the borrower himself, if the reverse mortgage was called while he was still alive) wish to keep the property, rather than selling it to repay the loan. In this case, it is incumbent upon them to generate cash from other sources (savings, investments, or conventional mortgage). Typically, there is a 12-month grace period afforded by the lender during which time the borrower and his heirs must sort out the repayment of the loan. During this time, the reverse mortgage remains outstanding and will continue to accrue interest.

When viewed from this perspective, it’s easy to see how the borrowers’ heirs could become responsible for repaying the reverse mortgage. Still, I think the distinction between voluntarily repaying the loan (due to a desire to keep the property) and assuming a legal obligation to do so.

Variable Rate Mortgages: This Home Mortgage Loan Can Not Be For The Weak At Heart

I heard the news about another interest rate hike and thought it was about time to glance into refinancing my mortgage. I contacted my mortgage company first.

“I am interested in a fixed mortgage rate.” I said.

“May I ask why that is?” The broker asked politely.

“I don’t fancy to deal with the risk of Looking at your last ten years of account, you have done pretty well with the adjustable rate. Actually, you had paid less in interest than most people with a fixed loan. May I propose that we look at several adjustable rates, which are even less than the rate you’re paying and with caps you don’t have to bother about the interest rate hikes. I think we can save you a few hundred dollars off your monthly payment.”

At this instant the broker took a rest so that I can say, “No thank you. I am only interested in a fixed rate mortgages.” “I don’t understand. Are you not interested in saving money?” He asked before introducing into a sermon that had a mix of economy 101, budgeting 1, a dash of fortune telling and a healthy and totally unrealistic optimism of future trend in interest rates.

When he was finished I explained to him that I recall the 18%-19% interest on mortgage loans in the early 1980′s that he appeared too young to remember. I pointed out that on a $100,000 loan, the 18% interest is $1,500 per month on the mortgage interest alone. If you have a $200,000 loan the interest alone would be a back-breaking payment of $3,000 per month.

I understood he thought I am out of my mind thinking about an 18% mortgage interest rate in today’s environment. At the end we finished the phone conversation without any solution. The gap in understanding wasn’t about fixed rate mortgages vs adjustable rate mortgages (ARM). The gap was in age, experience, expectation, hopes and fears; a gap too wide to bridge.

To understand this gap, let’s look at the adjustable rate mortgages. This type of mortgage loan is normally lower than the fixed rate and the lower rate means lower payment that in turn means simpler qualification.

When loaners are considering your mortgage loan application, they look at what percentage of your income is available for repaying their loan. With an income of $5,000 per month, a $2,000 loan payment is 40% of your income and a $1,000 payment is 20% of your income. The earlier you get to $1,000 or 20% of your income, the easier it is to be eligible for the loan. This easier qualification attractcs to younger people who are just commencing and those with income limitation.

Adjustable mortgage rates suit to young people with an innate optimism, hopes of increased income and the high opportunity of moving to a different home in a short period of time. In search of advice from mortgage professionals like Edmonton Mortgage they require to look at what they can afford to pay and cannot worry too much about the distant future. To them something is better than leasing which is an absolute waste of money.

There are also those older persons who have suffered from some set back in life and do not enjoy a high credit score or do not have a very high income. Since a poor credit score surges the interest rate a bank offers to potential borrowers, a fixed rate may be too high for these individuals to think over.

Let’s take a look at a number terms that help you understand ARM better. Other alternative is to seek an advise from experts like Edmonton Mortgage.

Margin – This is the loaner’s markup and where they make their proceeds. The margin is supplemented to the index rate to find out your total interest rate.

ARM Indexes – These are benchmarks that loaners use to verify how much the mortgage should be adjusted. The more stable the index is the more stable your adjustable loan remains. Think overboth the index and the margin when you are shopping around.

Adjustment Period – Refers to the holding period in which your interest rate will not vary. You will come across ARM figures like 5-1 that means your mortgage interest remains the same for five years and then it will adjust every year.

Interest Rate Caps – This is the greatest interest a lender can charge you.

Periodic caps – The loaners may limit how much they can raise your loan within an adjustment period. Not all ARMs have periodic rate caps.

Overall caps- Mortgage lenders may also limit how much the interest rate can raise over the life of the loan. Overall caps have been neededby law since 1987. Payment Caps – The maximum amount your monthly payment can add to at each adjustment.

Negative Amortization – In most cases a fraction of your payment goes toward paying down the principal and reducing your total debt. But when the payment is not enough to even cover the interest due, the unpaid amount is added back to the loan and your total mortgage loan obligation is greater than before. In short, if this carries on you may owe more than you started with.

Negative amortization is the probable downside of the payment cap that sets aside monthly payments from covering the cost of interest.

As you compare lenders, loans and rates remember Henry Moore who said, “What’s important is finding out what works for you.”

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The Reverse Mortgage Association

Tһе Reverse Mortgage Association: Here Tο HеƖр

If уου аrе a US homeowner approaching retirement, аחԁ һаνе bу now realized tһаt уουr retirement fund, social security, οr 401K wіƖƖ חοt bе sufficient tο Ɩеt уου maintain tһе lifestyle уου һаνе bееח аbƖе tο meet tһе expense οf аƖƖ through уουr working years, уου mау bе considering a reverse mortgage. If уου аrе, уου mυѕt take advantage οf tһе services offered bу tһе National ReverseMortgage Association.

Stаrtеԁ іח 1997, tһе National Reverse Mortgage Association һаѕ a decade οf experience іח assisting both seniors wһο want tο υѕе reverse mortgages tο һеƖр fund tһеіr retirements, аחԁ lenders wһο want tο рƖасе forward reverse mortgages аѕ раrt οf tһеіr services.

Fοr homeowners wһο һаνе mаԁе tһе сһοісе tο preserve tһеіr financial independence through reverse mortgages, tһе Reverse Mortgage Association offers learning programs. Fοr lenders wһο wish tο рƖасе forward reverse mortgages, tһе Reverse Mortgage Association һаѕ a Code οf Conduct designed tο safeguard interests οf older homeowners, аחԁ wһісһ іt expects іtѕ lenders tο honor. It һаѕ аƖѕο established, аחԁ strongly recommends fοr reverse mortgage lenders, training іח effectively dealing wіtһ tһе needs οf older borrowers.

Wһаt Iѕ A Reverse Mortgage?

Tһе programs overseen bу tһе Reverse Mortgage Association һеƖр homeowners over tһе age οf sixty two know һοw tο ɡеt a раrt οf tһе home equity tһеу һаνе accumulated аѕ tax-free income, wһіƖе still keeping full title tο tһеіr homes. Taking advantage οf a reverse mortgage wіƖƖ allow a homeowner tο avoid tһе monthly payments wһісһ upshot frοm borrowing against home equity іח tһе traditional manner. Tһе ReverseMortgage Association аƖѕο oversees tһе lenders wһο really write tһе reverse mortgage loans аחԁ mаkе tһе payments tο tһе homeowners.

Reverse mortgages аrе ideal fοr older homeowners bесаυѕе tһеу wіƖƖ חοt һаνе tο bе paid οff until tһе homeowner іѕ חο longer living іח tһе home аt Ɩеаѕt half οf tһе year, οr decides tο sell tһе home, οr passes away. Aחԁ іח tһе event tһаt tһе home sells fοr a price іח excess οf tһе balance borrowed against tһе home mortgage, tһе homeowner οr һіѕ οr һеr heirs wіƖƖ receive tһе extra funds.

Watchdogging Tһе Lenders

Tһе future demand fοr reverse mortgages іח tһе US wіƖƖ οחƖу grow аѕ tһе Baby Boomer generation enters retirement, ѕο іt іѕ becoming increasingly elemental tһаt older homeowners һаνе access tο trustworthy lenders. Tһе Reverse Mortgage Association һаѕ taken οf tһе task οf investigating tһе credibility аחԁ competence οf reverse mortgage lenders ѕο tһаt tһеу wіƖƖ reflect well οח tһеіr profession.

Bу sponsoring аח ongoing program οf yearly seminars fοr іtѕ lenders, tһе Reverse Mortgage Association ensures tһаt іtѕ members аrе kept up tο date οח аƖƖ tһе aspects οf tһе reverse mortgage industry, including tһе latest loan products аחԁ issues distressing older borrowers. Fοr more info see οח Reverse Mortgage Loans.

If уου аrе facing retirement аחԁ struggling tο cope wіtһ a vanished retirement fund, tеrrіbƖу managed IRA οr 401K, аחԁ soaring shape insurance premiums, уουr financial future mау seem bleak. Taking out a reverse home mortgage frοm a member οf tһе ReverseMortgage Association wіƖƖ assure уου οf getting һеƖр frοm a lender wһο operates wіtһ integrity, аחԁ Ɩеt уου rest a small more easily wһеח уουr retirement arrives.

Yου саח аƖѕο find more info οח Reverse Mortgage Information аחԁ Reverse Mortgage Lender. іѕ a comprehensive resource tο ɡеt information аbουt Reverse Mortgage.

Bulk vs Base Metals

Alan Heap, managing director & global commodity analyst at Citi Investment Research, makes a case for bulk over base metals with CNBC\'s Karen Tso and Sri Jegarajah.

China set to take centre stage in gold market

September 28, 2010
The easing of restrictions on China’s gold imports should boost its influence on global bullion trade as Chinese investors turn to the open market to satisfy their hunger for the metal, the World Gold Council said.
Chinese gold demand is expected to show at least single digit percent growth this year at a time when high prices are curbing buying in other major physical markets like India, the WGC’s Far East managing director Albert Cheng said on Tuesday.
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George Gero, Gold Prices Will Stay Volatile

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- George Gero, senior vice president and financial consultant RBC Capital Markets Global Futures, vice president precious metals strategist, warns investors to fasten their seatbelts as gold's volatile trading continues.
Tue 09/28/10 10:51 AM EST -- Alix Steel
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Andy Gause - The Gold Standard

Andy Gause - The Gold Standard

Greg Ip, Gold Signals Fear, Not Inflation

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Greg Ip, author of "The Little Book of Economics", explains why the spike in gold has more to do with fear than actual inflation.
Tue 09/28/10 09:30 AM EST -- Gregg Greenberg
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Goldline, The Gold Plated Glenn Beck

Congress will ask top executives from Goldline, the precious metals dealer that is a major sponsor of Glenn Beck's television and radio programs, to testify about the company's aggressive sales tactics.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Max Keiser: Return to The Gold Standard - The Alex Jones Show

Alex Jones welcomes back to the show film-maker, broadcaster and former broker and options trader Max Keiser. Max is the host of On the Edge, a program of news and analysis and he also hosts Keiser Report, a financial tabloid. Keiser formerly hosted The Oracle with Max Keiser on BBC World News. Keiser correctly predicted the 2008 collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, that sub-prime mortgage-backed securities would be the cause of the economic crisis beginning in 2008, and also predicted the banker sabotage of Iceland's economy.

Gold hits record $1,300

Gold has hit an all-time high

ReutersVideo--September 27, 2010--Gold has hit an all-time high of $1,300 an ounce as worries about the health of the global economy spurred buying, with top consumer India also defying high prices during the festive season.

Gold ETNs Good Investments?

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Don Dion, portfolio manager of ETF Action, breaks down the pros and cons to gold ETNs and reveals how he likes playing the rising gold price.
Mon 09/27/10 07:00 AM EST -- Alix Steel
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First Eagle GOLD Strategy

Abhay Deshpande, co-manager of the First Eagle Global Fund, discusses the outlook for gold prices and U.S. stocks. He talks with Matt Miller and Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart."

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rob McEwen, Outlook for $5,000 Gold Prices

Rob McEwen, CEO of U.S. Gold, says gold prices will hit $5,000 once the buying frenzy reaches its full potential.
Sat 09/25/10 21:00 PM EST -- Alix Steel
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David Morgan, What $1,300-an-Ounce Gold Means for Silver

David Morgan, founder of, discusses what record-high gold prices mean for silver.
Sat 09/25/10 12:00 PM EST -- Alix Steel
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Investing in Gold & Silver

Sept. 24 2010 | Investing in gold & silver, with Kevin Kerr, Kerr Trading International.

Home Mortgage New – Need a Mortgage Loan? Get a Free Government Grant to Buy Your Home

Did you know that the new owners can get a government grant without $ 20,000 to help fund what may be the biggest purchase of your life? Your government wants to help you buy your next house, and there, home mortgage new, are thousands of dollars in subsidies, without making sure, home mortgage new, you do, home mortgage new, .This money that can be used for a down, home mortgage new, payment on your house, you help to closing costs, or even pay part of your mortgage. And 'fairness, home, home mortgage, home mortgage new, new, mortgage new, to you now, because the grant is not a loan.

You, home mortgage new, never pay money back.These funds are available to taxpayers who are at least 18 years. There, home mortgage new, are minimum requirements for eligibility,, home mortgage new, but there is nothing that prevents you from applying for grants as you want, whenever like.When, home mortgage new, a grant from the government, you can get approved and have money in hand in just weeks. In some cases, the money will be deposited directly into your account, which could help accelerate the closing process, home mortgage new, .

Applying does not require a credit check or other, home mortgage new, form of security, but your state may offer, home mortgage new, a number of different programs, home mortgage new, Grant request. When searching the database for the grant, you will see all the options available to you as well as applications and information you need to get the funding. If you get stuck, just use the grant writing assistants available to help you get more money.

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Big Bull Market in Gold - Peter Schiff gold is still Cheap

Peter Schiff gold is still Cheap

Sept. 24 2010 | Debating how high this metal can run, with Michael Cuggino, Permanent Portfolio Funds; Jim LaCamp, Macro Portfolio Advisors and Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital.

Gold Breaks Psychological Barrier of $1,300 US an ounce

Gold has continued its astronomical ascent, reaching a new record-breaking high of $1,300 an ounce today. This is the fourth day of record high gold prices.
Gold futures surged as high as $1,301.30 US an ounce in morning trading in New York before it slipped back

Ian Williams, Gold May Rise Substantially; Bonds in Bubble

Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Ian Williams, chief executive officer of Charteris Portfolio Managers, talks about the outlook for gold and bonds amid speculation about more so-called quantitative easing. He speaks with Maryam Nemazee on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why Gold Prices Havent Hit $1,300

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Jon Nadler, senior analyst at, reveals why gold hasn't broken the $1,300 psychological level yet.
Thu 09/23/10 12:25 PM EST -- Alix Steel
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Gold Nears $1300 Mark

Sept. 23 2010 | Insight on gold's record high, with Aaron Regent, Barrick Gold president & CEO.

Mortgage repayments to go up

Mortgage repayments for an average mortgage holder could go up by as much as $90 per month if the RBA and the banks commence interest rate revision as expected.

There is a general expectation in the industry that if RBA increases the rates within a month or two, this will not preclude the banks from also lifting the rates independently.

Analysts believe the big banks will be keen to boost mortgage rates under the pretex of an increase in the base rate.

But buyers of fridges, washing machines, flat screen TVs, computers, video games, appliances and furniture will be able to enjoy bargains as the Aussie dollar soars.

While the RBA board is expected to raise the cash rate by 0.25 percentage points when it meets early next month, analysts forecast that banks could lift mortgage rates by up to 0.45 percentage points.

That would add about $90 a month to repayments on a $300,000 mortgage.

Despite enjoying multi-billion dollar profits, Australia’s big banks face growing funding costs due to strong competition for credit in global markets.

Rate rises are expected to boost the value of our dollar even further after it yesterday broke through the US95c barrier for the first time in more than two years.

It comes as alarming the Urban Development Institute of Australia said Queensland was classed as substantially unaffordable and another small interest rate hike could close the door on another 20,000 homebuyers.

In the meantime CommSec economist Savanth Sebastian said shoppers could expect a Christmas discount frenzy as import costs continued to crash.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gold and Silver Are Sounding The Alarm
Helping Americans Prepare for Hyperinflation.
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How Gold and Silver are Warning U.S.

Gold is Sounding an Alarm Few in the Mainstream Media Want to Discuss

The questions is - Why are Gold and Silver Price Alarms going off?

First, Western World budget deficits are now totally uncontrolled. Debt is esentially destroying the Western World

Second, The Obama administration has saddled us with enough debt at the federal level to last three generations all in the name of "stimulus".

Third, The US Federal Reserve is Insolvent and Bankrupt They have flooded the system with liquidity through Quantitative Easing

They have loaded their balance sheet with worthless loan paper and reduced interest rates to 0% for over 20 months

And What have been the results? Paralyzed job growth., record unemployment, record food stamps, and record poverty levels.

Gold and Silver are sounding the Alarm, but Food and Energy price increases will soon follow.

The face of Inflation has recently reared its ugly head in commodity prices.

The Commodity sector is driving food prices to levels not seen since 2008. (Graph of Commodities prices)

When higher commodity prices translate into $500 grocery bills, recession weary americans may go into economic shock.

Energy Prices have stayed in check, but this may be the calm before the oil price storm.

When oil and energy prices rise rapidly, home heating bills, home cooling bills and gasoline prices will join the long list of soaring costs nationwide.

Remember when gasoline went to $5 dollars per gallon? A sheer panic ripped across this country. It's coming again, but be prepared for the prices to stay

The combination of skyhigh food and gasoline prices may be the final nail in the coffin of the American Middle Class.

Travelling with Physical Gold Coins as insurance will soon become the norm. In many parts of the world the 1996 $50 or $100 US note is worthless because of the quality of counterfeits being printed internationally.

In Europe, American travellers are learning that the US Dollar is untradeable on the street. And Personally, 1 gold coin got me out of a very bad situation in Mexico City during the H1N1 outbreak.

Make no mistake about what you are seeing, especially with the price action of gold and silver.

Both metals are signifying a loss of confidence in the Dollar and particularly in its management team.

The Price of gold is no longer mental speculation, but rather reality hiding in plain sight.

The Day when every American recognizes paper bills as trash and gold and silver as true money, is almost here.

Denver Gold Forum: Beware These Stocks

Denver (TheStreet) -- Tom Winmill, portfolio manager of the Midas Fund, reveals the gold mining trends he's seeing at the Denver Gold Forum, what stocks to avoid and which ones to buy.
Wed 09/22/10 08:03 AM EST -- Alix Steel
Stocks in this video: LIHRY | ABX | KGC | NEM | NXG | GG

Gold Hits Another Record as Dollar Tumbles On Fed Announcement

Max Keiser: Return to The Gold Standard
Not only are private investors flocking to gold, but so are central banks, as former stock broker Max Keiser noted on the Alex Jones Show yesterday. “Central banks for the first time in decades are buying gold,” Keiser explained. “Up until recently they were net sellers of gold, now they are actually buying gold. So, this is another huge piece of the equation for gold.”

Dos And Don’ts For Mortgage Protection

For many, especially those hit by ill health or redundancy during the recession, protection has been a godsend which prevented them from losing their homes. For others, the policy is merely an extra monthly cost which, while providing a certain amount of piece of mind, does not really work out as a worthwhile option for the cost involved. Here are the top dos and don’ts which could help you make mortgage protection work for you.

DO: Research and plan

Before deciding whether you want to opt for mortgage protection, you need to know a bit about your own finances, and what you might be expected to pay for a policy. Once you have sorted out a monthly budget for yourself, taking stock of your income and outgoings, as well as considering how flexible those finances are and the size of the mortgage you will need to take out, you can begin to get an idea of where you are financially and this can inform your decision on mortgage protection.

DON’T: Think you have to take out protection

You are not obliged to take out protection. Although you may be strongly advised to by policy providers, the choice is entirely up to you and you should not feel pressured into taking up an offer. Remember, if you do opt for the protection then you will be paying for the privilege every single month, whether or not you end up making a claim to help you with mortgage payments. An income protection policy may offer better cover for you.

DO: Shop around

Mortgage protection offers will vary greatly from provider to provider, so you will probably be able to find a better deal than the first offer, which is likely to be from your mortgage provider. Policies will normally set you back 3-7 pounds per 100 pounds of monthly mortgage cover, so you might be paying over 50 pounds a month on protection. You can compare policies online, which means less hassle going from place to place, and it could save you thousands in the long run.

DON’T: Confuse mortgage protection with mortgage life insurance

Some people think their protection will cover them in all different eventualities, but it won’t. For example, Mortgage payment insurance and mortgage life insurance are two different things, and your mortgage protection will not support you in the case of the death of the breadwinner. However, some policies will allow you to add cover for extra things, such as bills, in cases where you may not be able to pay your mortgage.

DO: Read the small print

Your protection will have a number of important clauses you need to consider. For example, some policies will cover you for 12 months, other for 24. Also, you will not be covered if you take out the policy after finding out your job is at risk. There is also usually a ‘qualifying period’ of about three months before you can actually make a claim. Once you make a claim, there is usually a ‘deferred period’ before you get your first payment.

At Credit Choices you can compare mortgage protection offers online ( Whatever your individual needs for mortgage protection, we can help you find the best deal.

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Gold Price Forecast

Today we are going to be looking at gold with a gold price forecast. We analyze the recent run-up that has created a great deal of excitement and fear for many investors and traders.
We're also going to be looking at some upside measurements that we have for this market. Conversely, we are also looking at an area that should provide support should the gold market pull back from its current levels.
In this new video we are going to be focusing on our "Trade Triangle" technology and what it means for traders. We will explore short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term trading in this precious metal. This will all be done using our "Trade Triangles."
As always our videos are free to watch and there is no need for registration. We hope that you enjoy the video and that you share your comments.

Gold has been used throughout history as money and has been a relative standard for currency equivalents specific to economic regions or countries. Many European countries implemented gold standards in the later part of the 19th century until these were dismantled in the financial crises involving World War I. After World War II, the Bretton Woods system pegged the United States dollar to gold at a rate of US$35 per troy ounce. The system existed until the 1971 Nixon Shock, when the US unilaterally suspended the direct convertibility of the United States dollar to gold and made the transition to a fiat currency system. The last currency to be divorced from gold was the Swiss Franc in 2000.

Gold Buying by Central Banks May Send Signal to Sell

Gold Buying by Central Banks May Send Signal to Sell
Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Some of the biggest buyers of gold may be sending the strongest signal to sell it, if past performance is indicative of future results. Read article

Why Precious Metals Aren't in a Bubble

Why Precious Metals Aren't in a Bubble
Critics of precious metals investing have called gold and silver a bubble, further claiming that today's higher prices will fade as economic conditions improve. Although gold and silver prices are much more expensive than they were even a few years ago, gold and silver are hardly near bubble status. Read article

In the case of a refinance mortgage?

With interest rates near all time low, many people refinance their mortgages. Chances are one of your friends or family was recently refinanced and reduced their monthly mortgage. Refinancing a mortgage is simply inserting a new loan with different maturities – hopefully more favorable. Because your new loan with a lower interest rate and other terms, mortgage payments could be significantly lower. In addition to lower mortgage payments, youis the possibility of the type of mortgage you need to change. You might want to change the length of the mortgage 15-30 years, or vice versa.

Perhaps you now have a better rating if you took out your original mortgage that you get more this time. Your credit history can also change the mortgage interest rate. Refinancing allows you to build home equity faster and is also underAdvantage of the equity you've built. If you have previously promised $ 100,000 and has a payout of $ 70,000, refinancing could substantially reduce your monthly mortgage payment.

Before deciding to proceed with a mortgage refinancing, there are some things that you should consider:

The more you expect to live in your current home? – If you live in your home for a minimum of two or three years, you should be able to exceed the costslowering the refinancing rate mortgage interest. If your moves before, you may find that the cost of refinancing is saving potential of the new, lower interest rates prevail.

When your goal to build equity in refinancing loans at home, you can take into account the duration of the loan. With the shift from a standard 30 year mortgage for a loan of 10 or 15 years, will be much faster to build equity. The application of additional payment forThe client also allows you to build home equity at an accelerated pace.

If you currently have an adjustable rate mortgage or ARM, you have a good reason to refinance. While ARM interest rates fixed rate first mortgage with mortgage rates near all time lows are lower too, is a good time have to block a low fixed rate.

Think about how your credit status may have changed since he took the first mortgage on your house. If youforced a subprime mortgage because of bad credit, you probably have a much higher interest rate accordingly. If you have guests have worked successfully to increase the credit card, you should check that the state will benefit from this change of credit and refinancing. The interest rate and monthly installment payments could now be much lower. If you refinance a mortgage, the mortgage will go through a similar process, get the original has been. Haveto complete the loan papers and the lender, income, jobs needed to absorb and take credit the amount of debt. They also want an assessment of how the value of your home has changed, that the amount of capital you. Some taxes may be incurred in closing costs of refinancing include tuition fees, title insurance, points, and the cost of property valuation. Be sure to discuss those rights with your provider before starting withRefinance your mortgage.

Nobody knows for sure 100% what will happen to interest rates in coming years, but from an historical standpoint, are now a bargain. If you find that mortgage refinancing could benefit financially, some research to find the lender with the best rates and conditions. So please, if interest rates continue to fall, you can refinance again. In all likelihood, the rise in interest rates not toodistant future, and you can not regret, if you had the possibility of refinancing.

Monday, September 20, 2010

John Meyer, Gold to Hit $1,500 by Xmas

Sept. 20 2010 | The price of gold could continue its rally and rise toward $1,500 per troy ounce before Christmas, John Meyer, head of resources at Fairfax IS, told CNBC Monday. Johan Dippenaar, CEO of Petra Diamonds, and David Kuo from The Motley Fool joined the discussion.

Investing in Gold Futures

Investing in gold futures is done by purchasing a contract for gold at a later date but paying for it now. Understand more about gold futures and the difference between a spot price and futures price with tips from a futures and options floor trader in this free video on investing.

Expert: Mark Griffith
Bio: Mark Griffith has graduated in economics and philosophy at Clare College, Cambridge. He has been a futures and options floor trader at LIFFE (London International Financial Futures Exchange).
Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky

What mortgage No Fee?

Everyone is aware that mortgages are tied to many different charges. For most everyone, this also means that the creditor or mortgage broker is getting richer from these taxes a. Before long, we thought that would offer more attractive mortgage deals, providing no fee. The name is pretty impressive, but there's really no fees involved? Here is some information that will help you choose mustA further first non-mortgage fee.

Mortgage No fee is more or less what he says to pay – no. At least you will not see them listed when viewing documents on them. Other good news is that they are in paying taxes to the closing table, either.

If you do it at the table for the last closure of the mortgage, does not mean that there is no need to bring money. There will be some things that are not included in Mortgage Fee, and this includes things like conflicts of interest between the date the first payment, escrow for homeowners insurance and various taxes on the property.

The truth is that no burden on your mortgage, taxes will be added to some they are. And you do not pay taxes at closing. In reality, the lender, the cost of closure is to offer at the moment – but will pay for the privilege.

As regards the conditions> Mortgages, you'll see that the taxes listed therein. What makes a loan non-payment – there must be some truth in advertising. So the value of royalties under a different category is assigned. Simply raising the interest rate will be a bit 'higher to compensate for it so easily.

A mortgage is no fee will be added fees for the mortgage and then a part of it. Even if you have the privilege of paying for these expenses in advance -They still pay – and pay interest on that too.

If you compare a mortgage with no fees with a different type, the more important of all, and compare the totals of others. You will see that the total cost usually has about the same. If cancellation of mortgages, things have just been shuffled around a bit '.

To receive any loan fee, you may need to qualify "for them. This may mean that you have a certain size,The payment in order to get it. If this is true, then make sure you compare it with another creditor, who may require only half that amount – at the same speed. Some lenders may not exceed 80% loan to value (LTV amount, which means that you need to get the other 20%.

No fee mortgages are particularly good for the short term. New guides offer cancellations even greater savings by eliminating some of the costs that other companies add a. This obviously resulting in savings if you shop around.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Buy Gold

Invest in gold in three ways: buying physical gold, such as gold bars or jewelry, buying ownership contracts that relate to the actual gold price or buying shares in gold mining companies. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each method in this free video from an experienced floor trader on investing.

Expert: Mark Griffith
Bio: Mark Griffith has graduated in economics and philosophy at Clare College, Cambridge. He has been a futures and options floor trader at LIFFE (London International Financial Futures Exchange).
Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky

Saturday, September 18, 2010

James Turk, Importance of buying physical gold

James Turk explains why and how to buy physical gold. He warns against buying paper gold. Video recorded in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, May 2010.

Gold Rises to Record on Increased Demand for Wealth Protection

Source :
Nicholas Larkin
September 16, 2020

Gold rose to a record in London and New York as investors sought protection against turmoil in the global economy and financial markets. Silver rose to the highest price since March 2008.

Bullion climbed as high as $1,277.07 an ounce in London. The dollar fell to a five-week low against the euro today. The metal usually moves inversely to the U.S. currency. Global holdings of gold by exchange-traded products are up 16 percent this year and this month reached a record, Bloomberg data show

Friday, September 17, 2010

How To Buy Record High Gold Prices

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Phil Streible, senior market strategist at Lind-Waldock, reveals the best way to trade record high gold prices.
Thu 09/16/10 08:54 AM EST -- Alix Steel
Stocks in this video: SGOL | GDXJ | GLD | IAU | | GDX

Gold, Silver and Precious Metals Continue to Outperform the Market

Gold, Silver and Precious Metals Continue to Outperform the Market

by: Tom Cleveland, September 14, 2010

for :

From an investor perspective, the year of 2010 will go down in history as one of strange behavior, as basic time-honored correlations broke down and risk aversion seemed to grip the fragile psychology of both traders and investors alike. The threat of debt defaults from Greece and several other European member states have produced a steady drip of news on our respective foreheads since last year, while fears of a double-dip recession have blinded everyone’s vision of the road ahead.

The stars on this global stage have been Gold, Silver and other precious metals. Gold has had such incredible appreciation over the past decade that it is sometimes difficult to believe that it is not perched upon a precipice, waiting for an inevitable correction to occur. Other than general surges and minor consolidations, due more to speculation than anything else, Gold continues to outperform other basic indexes on an annual basis. Traditional correlations have also been broken in the process as the Dollar and Gold have chosen to join themselves at the hip for all of 2010, a break in the expected inverse trend.

Gold is not alone. Silver and other precious metals have also fared well over the period, although not to the same extent. Today, once again, Gold and Silver spiked up due to contrary news coming from Europe. Each metal has made significant gains during 2010, as new record highs have been set along each metal’s respective triumphal path.

The correlation in growth between both metals for the last year, as depicted in the chart above, has been quite remarkable. For the year, Gold rests at about 25% while Silver is just below 20%. The S&P 500 index has eked out an 8% gain, perhaps a little higher if dividends are thrown in, but the comparison is the reality of the moment, even after a record earnings season for the June quarter where earnings year-over-year were in the 35-40% range. More importantly, Gold and the stock index have been inversely correlated since May. The S&P 500 index just crossed its 200-day moving average, a sign of better times to come, but coincidentally enough, Gold just set a new record high in the process. Do correlations mean anything in this year of “strangeness”?

The breakdown in traditional correlations has confounded many analysts as they search for indications of how temporary these reversals might be. Currency trading has benefited from recent volatility, but choosing a currency to ride may not have the same gleam as Gold. Gold has always appreciated when the Dollar depreciates, but not so for the past year. The opposite has been true regarding the Euro and Gold, but once again, the times, they are a-changing. Gold and the greenback have be entwined in a dance for nearly ten months, while the Euro has become a wallflower searching for a potential suitor.

Risk aversion and its related flight of capital to safe havens are seen as the villains on this dance floor. Under these conditions, the primary beneficiaries are U.S. Treasury Bills and precious metals, especially Gold and Silver. Increased demand across the board has kept the Dollar and metals on their upward tracks. However, currencies do not have intrinsic value. Capital outflows may impact the relative value of the Dollar, but Gold is hardly a temporary investment.

"The question on everyone’s lips is whether now is a good time to buy
more Gold or Silver? Timing , which also applies in forex appears to be the only concern these days. Technical
indicators presently show that both metals are in an “overbought”
condition, suggesting that a small correction in price may be imminent. In
the last three weeks alone, Silver has risen 15%, while Gold marched on at
a 5% clip. A small pullback is to be expected after such impressive run

What do the fundamentals say? Here is a quick recap for Gold:


Intrinsic Value: There is no sign that Gold will lose its luster or safe haven status;

Hedge Against Inflation: Over time, interest rates in the developed world will move up as recoveries proceed. Inflation concerns in the U.K. already exist. Gold is the perfect hedge for the perfect “inflation storm” that is slowly brewing in developed countries;

Mining Prospects: Taxes on mining interests has not slowed exploration, but new supplies are not expected to flood the market;

Industrial Usage: No signs for decline foreseen in this area;

Current Inventories: Central banks have no reason to release or sell their massive reserves. China would gladly exchange Dollar CDs for Gold today.

The year of 2010 has confounded investors, but Gold and other precious metals continue to retain their intrinsic values and appreciate beyond everyone’s expectations. Entry timing may be the only concern at the moment.

Tom Cleveland 5218 Shirley Rd. Gainesville, GA 30506 September 14, 2010