Monday, September 13, 2010

Now the Chinese economy is facing such problems mobility management

Now the Chinese economy is facing such problems: mobility management, inflation, real estate regulation, interest rate and consumption, and so on. These problems are like looks, solve one problem will involve other problems, like a while suffering from a variety of diseases, treatment of a disease in which the medicine will add another disease. To solve these problems is the key to resolving speculative. At present, the Central Government for the current economic and social situation awareness of the complex is very sober. However, some local officials, entrepreneurs, and economists on the current situation awareness is not sober. The question Louis Vuitton is not whether these human knowledge and wisdom, the interest-based rather than cause trouble. For example, has worked as a real estate expert articles on real estate issues might say on a number of things, but from the overall macroeconomic situation, his understanding and perspective is very confused, side effects are also very large. Of course, as an entrepreneur, it is not possible to have excessive requirements. To resolve the current problem must take advantage of the systematic way of thinking. Analysis of the current of each economic issues must also be applicable to systematic approach. Otherwise, it will only make the wrong decision.

The current Chinese and global economic problems which are essentially within the hangover of the financial crisis, is in response to the financial crisis of the community. The most typical is the real problem. Financial crisis, in order to avoid severe economic recession, the Central and local governments use real estate to spur economic growth and stimulate consumption, the real estate Replica Handbags industry advancement. Leave a legacy of which lies in the fact that the surge in house prices and real estate to overheat. In fact, the real question is not whether prices, but the excessive speculation in real estate. If you view the open, China’s real estate issues and the current global economic opportunism is imbued with the speculative economy. After the end of the cold war, the global economy is in fact a speculative economy, both from a theoretical or from industry reflect this characteristic. Subprime raised the global financial crisis, essentially the global speculative economy from theory and practice of bankruptcy. American Wall Street investment banks and financiers is denounce lies in this financial crisis, they played the role of the main culprit.

However, the United States Wall Street financiers to design a lot of financial derivatives to deceive investors is hateful, but the financial crisis entirely blame they are unfair. In fact, politicians and economic theorists have also bears a great responsibility, not the Government, and academe, Wall Street financiers are not so much power to create a financial crisis. It is the world’s politicians and economic theorists in policy and ideology in theory, that almost the whole of civil society involvement in the individual categories of suddenness. The financial crisis is the suddenness of the bankruptcy. When a Hermes Bags comes, almost all countries had taken positive rescue policy, do not hesitate to make use of taxpayers money to rescue speculators, this is very unfair. In this time of financial crisis, it is possible to see an interesting phenomenon, although many investment banks fell, but these investment banks in almost all of the high authority, even slightly gains. This is due to the Government’s positive relief measures. In fact, current speculators have been abducted by the Governments, in the face of the financial crisis, Governments cannot do nothing. The current United States settle on Wall Street, even if they may be fruitless, but the Obama administration must be accountable to the public, you must have a public stance. However, no matter Chanel Bags what people have realized the speculative economy and speculators on the economy of serious harm.

Although the financial crisis in the financial industry is not very big losses, but the real estate industry here has played an important role. America’s problem is that financial and real estate combination of the subprime mortgage crisis caused the financial crisis, China also faces this problem. The severity of speculative real estate industry has not resolved. As you can see the current speculation is the crux of the problem, then the entire financial crisis Gucci Bags aftermath can also find out the cause. In response to the financial crisis rescue speculators process resulted in the spread of liquidity, thereby raising employment, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, and more complexity.

From the financial crisis, people should see an obvious question, if speculative to be able to access more wealth, then the real economy and material production will decline, virtual economy (speculative) and the real economy must maintain a certain balance. This principle is not complicated, thinking they know a little bit of it. The current economic problems inherently speculative Designer Handbags and entities in the resolution of the economic development of the balance, the questions to the unequal distribution of wealth or gap. The current Chinese real estate regulation to overcome speculative, which is very correct. But a huge speculative groups still policy barriers before. Regulation of real estate is currently is not an easy thing. Whether recognized or not recognized or not, China’s real estate is kidnapped Chinese economy, while accurate, is abducted by the banks and speculators. These speculators also is a very large group, Replica handbags is difficult to easily solve. Also, in theory, now some people have a lot of confusion about this back in control of impediment to real estate.

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