Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rehab Loans for Investors

Rehab Loans for Investors - Buy, fix, & sell homes.

We now have a source that offers Investors the Cash to purchase & rehabilitate homes. With this loan, you can buy the home and get the funds for the rehab project all in one loan.

Let's say you have found a home for sale that is in dire need of serious work. It needs a new roof, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, etc. The home is available for $110K. Let's assume that if it was in good shape it would be worth $200K. It needs 35K in repairs. This rehab loan can lend you the money to buy it ($110K) and the money to repair it ($35K) all in one shot.

After completion of one successful Rehab project and subsequent sale of property, you may qualify for an open line of credit to purchase more projects to rehab & sell.

This loan is a key ingredient for Home Flippers. It gives you the financing help to make your project successful & profitable.

These loans are not designed for owner occupied or second homes. Investment properties only, and 1-4 unit residential properties. This loan has no prepayment penalty.

The initial key to how much you can borrow is up to 75% of the After Rehab Value. (50% of the ARV in Detroit & select other markets).

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