Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gold Hits Another Record High on news of South Korea Central Bank buying tons of Gold

Gold record high, spurred by U.S. economic worries and the European debt crisis."gold has traded at another record 1,645 an hour, hitting the all-sometime nominal high, just at the close of equities trading in europe. that brought the losses there brought gold to the new highs we're seeing, but there are several factors at work here. yes, we may be close to a debt deal in washington, but traders are focused on the fact we may see a double dip in the economy here in the u.s. and in europe as well. and add to that the buys we're sees fromation central banks. the first time sorry has bought gold since in 13 years, this is the we're rear looking at central 245s something that's drives the interests to an all-time high. back to you. sharon epperson, thanks so much. electronics arts is starting something new."

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