Sunday, April 26, 2009

VA loans fast becoming the best choice for Vets to Refinance

VA loans are fast becoming the best choice for Vets to Refinance their home loans.

Recent enhancements to VA guidelines now allow Veterans and Active Duty Military to refinance out of Conventional, Jumbo, Sub-Prime, Alt-A, Option ARM, and other non VA loans into Safe fixed rate VA Loans. (see our recent post on VA loan changes here). The old VA Limit for these refinances was $144000, regardless of where you lived and your county loan limit.

2009 brought changes to both the VA Loan limits and the way VA calculates your eligibility for Guarantee. If you have full elibility (or fully restored entitlement) you can purchase or refinance up to the Loan Limit for your county (of course, other qualifications do apply such as property value, income, liabilities, etc).

Here is a list of all the counties in California that exceed the $417,000 standard VA loan maximum: ALAMEDA $1,094,625, ALPINE $503,750, CONTRA COSTA $1,094,625, EL DORADO $516,250, LOS ANGELES $737,500, MARIN $1,094,625, MONO $575,000,
MONTEREY $525,000, NAPA $643,750, NEVADA $518,750, ORANGE $737,500, PLACER $516,250, SACRAMENTO $516,250, SAN BENITO $ 937,500, SAN DIEGO $593,750, SAN FRANCISCO $1,094,625, SAN LUIS OBISPO $610,000, SAN MATEO $1,094,625, SANTA BARBARA $656,250, SANTA CLARA $937,500, SANTA CRUZ $805,000, SOLANO $435,000, SONOMA $566,250, VENTURA $650,000, all other California counties are capped at $417K.

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