Saturday, September 4, 2010

We had a cat with CRF that lived for about 6 months after we began subcutaneous fluid treatments. There are lots of success stories of cats living longer, but the reality is that this is a terminal disease.

CRF is supposedly low pain. The daily medical regimen does not prolong suffering, as it would with cancer. But it is a major and always inconvenient commitment.

We realized that the CRF diagnosis gave us a chance to give extra attention and affection to our cat before she died on her own. I'm happy we did it.

The question is, would you want your family to kill you if all it took was a little saline iv under the skin 10 minutes a day to keep you alive? We've done that for our cat's it's not a huge deal, but if you travel you need to be sure you have help that can take over for you. Cat's part of the family gotta do it until it's just not manageable or it's suffering..

One last thing: here's the best source for fluids. Vets will charge you up to $20 a bag. That's nonsense. I buy them from the case (12 bags) for about $40 from these guys in N.J. This is their Feline CRF ordering page. Get your setups and Terumo needles (get the 19 gauge) from them too. They're great and they get them out to you fast.

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