Sunday, January 23, 2011

David Morgan Talks Dollar Default Risk, Deflation, Hyperinflation, & More

David Morgan Talks Dollar Default Risk, Deflation, Hyperinflation, & More Adrian Douglas thinks silver price will reach parity with Gold one day. Demand for silver will maintain any increased value, due to supply of decreasing, with rapidity to its extinction. Oil and silver mimic one another. Both are destined to become "rare earth" resources.
A population reducing pandemic is the only variable which could counterbalance or impede this outcome.

Tarek Saab of Trusted Bullion asks David Morgan to comment on the following:

-The 41% YTD rise in silver and his near term and long term projections
-The Global economy, industrial demand, and its impact on precious metals.
-The bond market, and its potential to act as a cork on hyperinflation
-Mining companies, and whether now represents a buying opportunity
-Deflation, and his view on credit contraction, M1, M3, and the definition of money
David Morgan is the first expert I've heard who points out the truth about historical $50 silver and $800 gold. It has always annoyed me to hear people use those numbers to their own advantage. I have pointed this out to people only to have them put a B.S. spin on the subject and refusing to acknowledge the truth. Thank you Mr. Morgan for validating my observations.
Silver and all commodities went down when China raised interest rates on their currency. This recent dip may be in large part due to that event. I think it's still bullish. And the old Silver high was still over $30 and in inflationary dollar that is at least $80. But I think many more factors are coming into play now. All countries are devaluing their currencies to raise exports and it has never happened this much before. Just starting, watch.

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