Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Gold standard in the fiat era

This is a movie with historical facts, issues and situations that have occurred. This will break down the whole history of a gold standard and what is all entailed of going back to one , a Gold Standard or a Mixed Metals standard would be a good idea

I think a Gold Standard or a Mixed Metals standard would be a good idea, but if you just made it a single metal like Gold, you'd have to account for the value of all new assets that have been created since Gold was the standard and re-value Gold to something like $15,000 to $25,000 per ounce or even higher. It's a better option than continuing on the fiat currency debt-based model of exponential growth. Our current system is in process of burning out and sending us into poverty and war.It always comes back to bailing out the banks. Also most of these depressions are engineered so that the banks can buy pennies on the dollar. Government and banks must not be allowed to issue any currency. It must be free market based on gold and other commodities. The line in the sand must be drawn there is no manipulation can occur. The banks would not be able to own all the gold in world(Oz People say) as they would not be allowed to issue any currency in my scenario to buy it. The easy money policies of the 20's had to be offset by deflation in the 30's. Had the government stayed out of the economy, the 30's depression would have been short lived. Check out the short lived 1921 depression.

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