Saturday, February 5, 2011

End of the USD, currency revaluation,COMEX shorts and New precious metal currency

In summary, there is a huge distribution of wealth that is going to take place (42 Trillion dollars). This is inclusive of economic change (dollar refunding project and currency revaluation) The World Global Settlements are going to be paid out to 140 countries. These settlements represent all the wrong doings the gov't has ever done. This is non-public.

CMKX/CMKM Diamonds was swept into the world global settlements but should have never been, however, it was detached and removed via supreme court order "in camera" privately in Dec 2010. CMKX settlement funds is the largest security fraud in history (NSS) Naked Short Selling and was part of a sting operation initiated by the SEC, FBI, DOJ, Homeland Security led by Robert Maheu. CMKX settlements portion is 3.87 trillion to be paid out to 50000 bonafide shareholders.

The Chinese have taken over the responsibility in ensuring that these world global settlements go out timely because the US weren't handling it the way that was agreed, hence the chinese president visited the US and met with the president recently.
" Jonah's opinion
In my opinion the term distribution of wealth in dollars is the key phrase. As this will determine who comes out well. The question remains as to what the result will mean to the individual citizen of the United States. Will this result in the loss of individual wealth? Will this revaluation and reset and distribution impact the purchasing power of Americans? I think in the short run it could be quite painful if events occur as discussed in this tele-conference and this may be the play of the NWO for Global Governance. On the other hand the Global economy my be placed on a more stable footing and the halt if the downward spiral of countries and economies may be reversed. It will be a new world possibly with much new opportunity. In any event this is historic. On a sidebar note I have to wonder if the bird and fish and animal die off, and bizarre weather are related to these negotiations. We all know the various TPTB/TPTW have technological abilities to engage in clandestine warfare. There could be a high powered game of high stakes chicken being played out behind the scenes."

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