Friday, February 18, 2011

Silver price at a 30 years high

Silver Maple Leaf coin bullion
The price of an ounce of silver reached a thirty years high on the international markets today. The metal for delivery in March 'jumped to $ 32.66 an ounce at the Comex in New York The highest since 1980 ,the demand for silver also is the highest of all time, and is expected to continue to grow. Silver which is also an industrial metal is used for industrial purposes such as the production of solar panels and medical equipment. Analysts expect further price increase . There are rumors (but lacking official confirmation) that trade is concentrated in "strong hands" of the institutional players, and it would be advisable for retail investors to wait for a bearish correction.
In the past year alone the price has increased from 16.82 (closing of 31.12.2009) to 30.83 (closed 31.12.2010) an increase of 83.29% on an annual basis.

The statistics contained in the Silver Yearbook in 2009 indicate that the metal has attracted net investments of 209.7 million ounces, a number exceeded only in 1980, when it reached 222.2 million ounces, and also estimated in 1968, with 226 million. In 2010, CPM Group forecasts that it will reach 213.9 million, with a significant contribution from numismatics. In 2009, sales of silver reached a record high (35 million ounces) in January and the application of an ounce coins minted by the U.S. Mint was the highest since 1987.

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