Friday, July 22, 2011

Gold to Go much higher says Irakli Menabde

Gold is over one thousands pounds an ounce for the first time in history ,some people think the gold is expenssive at these levels but these people were thinking that gold was expensive at $800 , if you look at the period at which the gold price really did peak in the 1970s it went from $35 to $850 that is approximately a 24 fold price increase in Gold , now in the last 11 years that we had in the gold bull market Gold had only increased by 6 fold , "I think in realistic terms, gold is a reflection of what is going on with fiscal and monetary policies in the developed world. And it is the reflection of what's going in the greater inflation scare in the emerging markets, so I think those pressures are not going to be alleviated anytime soon," Irakli Menabde, founder and fund manager at M2 Capital Partners told CNBC.

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