Thursday, July 14, 2011

James Turk : QE3 is inevitable

James Turk of Goldmoney on Goldseek Radio July 12, 2011 : " to me it seems inevitable , the US government is spending more money than the market is willing to lend to it , that means that you will have to the central bank and the central bank turns that borrowing into currency which the government spends or the government has to cut back and there is no indication whatsoever that the US government is going to cut back at any of its spending aspirations I mean it can't even agree to cutting the spending in the future when in fact what it should be doing is cutting spending right here and now , so it seems to me that QE3 is inevitable and ultimately that's going to destroy the dollar to more inflation if not hyperinflation "..." this is the summer that could surprise people , to me it is setting up like the summer of 1982 when gold soared during the Mexican debt default , Mexico is not the center of attention now obviously it's Europe Greece Spain Italy anyone amongst a dozen of countries around the world who have too much debt and are over leveraged , but people think the summer is going to be a quite time , going to the beach , seasonally gold often slows during the summer , I think this is going to be a summer again like 1982 really surprises people , so I am very bullish here and the fact that this correction that we had over the last couple of months driven a record amount of people out of the market suggest to me how strong the metals have been during this correction ..."

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