Friday, March 18, 2011

James Turk will rise to $8000/oz in 2013 2015 !

JAMES TURK : ..." I think it is - gold is the bedrock asset in your portfolio. You don't want to take risks with it so you have to be very careful how you store it and where you store it and thing that I always recommend is if you store it in a vault somewhere you always have to get third party independent verification that your gold and silver, if you own silver as well, are actually there in your name, recorded, not encumbered in any way and not loaned out by some bank. So I don't recommend storing in bank vaults, I recommend storing in private vaults like we do in Gold Money - we use a large Swiss company, VIA MAT International to store our customers' gold. So what you really want to do is be careful with your metal. You don't want to take risks with it and storage is an extremely important part of that component." he said in an interview with
James Turk Gold to shoot to $8000/oz Hyperinflation a sure thing : do not think gold is expensive , just keep on saving in Gold ....

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