Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gold price moving up due to geopolitical unrest

$1,434 Gold Will Happen Again says analyst Lind Waldock
NEW YORK (TheStreet) - - Lind Waldock strategist Phil Streible is confident gold will return to the previous high of $1434.

Lind Waldock :... I think there's a high probability that we're going out there that think that the others no doubt that we're gonna move up there it's just matter -- and I think it could be easily in the next couple weeks. I think some of the main driving factors are there's geopolitical unrest is continuing -- we've seen. You know news report that now it's moved Almonte we've also heard reports that -- move to China. So -- continuing to spread here investors are definitely seeking you -- like quality and safety and they're finding it and that the models what. Main. Items that could happen -- that that can keep us from getting to that previous high. You don't Friday's unemployment report could be it bombs something that. By a little political left in the dollar and acts and you made the -- some gold come off

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