Friday, April 1, 2011

500 oz of Silver in each Tomahawk Missile !

Did you all know that each Tomahawk missile contains 16 kilograms of silver which is more than five hundred ounces of silver 500 oz. (The Silver is indeed used in thse high tech gears because it is the best electrical and thermal conductor among all metals )? Each Tomahawk costs $1,066,465 and has more than a 500 oz. of silver inside which goes totally destroyed and lost forever when the missile is launched as the silver is blown into million pieces and therefore it is impossible to recover the silver that was inside . Pure silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals known to man. When there is a $1.066 million dollar missile is being produced the military will use only the best materials available to ensure the best performing results . So far, since the start of the war in Libya, 164 Tomahawk missiles lobbed into the Libyan desert therefore they've destroyed three tons of pure silver over there in launched Tomahawks. Gone for good. Got to be good for the future price of silver.

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