Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bob Chapman explains the explosion in Silver prices

Bob Chapman explains the explosion in Silver prices

Get into gold and silver says Bob Chapman , he himself just bought some yesterday it is not late and at this prices gold and silver are still very very cheap , JPM and HSBc are gonna have a decision at $50 an ounce silver either partial default or total default or a bailout from the Federal Reserve. Gold is going to break out here and is going to go to $1600 , $1650 , silver is another situation , the unusual situation is that JP Morgan Chase and HSBC are short 45 to 1 , that means for every contract they have in silver they sold 45 and there is thousands of them , they're naked short they can't get out they can't buy back into silver which keeps on going up , 3 things can happen here , they either can tell their clients we do not have silver and we are going to pay you 25 cents on the dollar or they can default in complete in other words what is called a force majeure or the federal reserve can step in and cover their losses 46 dollars a share their losses are about 90 billion dollars
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