Monday, April 11, 2011

Max Keiser : Silver Skyrocketing, JP Morgan Getting Crushed

Max Keiser : Silver Skyrocketing, JP Morgan Getting Crushed

Film-maker, broadcaster and former broker and options trader Max Keiser talks about the financial situation in the middle east and how it's all controlled by the Global Banking Cartel.Max Keiser is one of the best sources of information out there in the media telling people the truth about economic issues. & JP Morgan is a big manipulator of the precious metals market specifically silver.SLV is a manipulation mechanism: JPMorguan is "trustee" custodian. They say all the silver is really there in the vault, but trusting the notorious naked silver short banksters with all that silver is kind of like letting the fox guard the hen house. Fox says: "All the hens are good." (in his stomach). YT user: endless mountain made a video on March 1, 2011: Chart shows SLV consistently goes down during trading in the west, but smart Asians buy up REAL SILVER at night! Manipulation Exposed!

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