Friday, April 29, 2011

John Rubino : Physical Gold and Silver are the only real money left out there

John Rubino : we have a world that is awash with liquidity right now and that money is chasing the assets that are already moving so now they are flowing into commodities because that what was going up the most , hot money chases growth and gold and silver are prime beneficiaries of this there are the only real money left out there everything else is paper and people start to figure out we are destroying the paper currencies of the world so they are snapping up physical gold and silver at unprecedented rates and so you seen both of these metals at record levels right now , I would expect a correction at some point says John Rubino

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Weak dollar pushing gold and silver higher

Momentum Is Still With Silver and Gold , silver hits an all time high in 31 years at $39.50 , gold hits a new record at $1537 , the bull market is set to continue all the fundamentals look good .... Jonathan Barratt, managing director of Commodity Broking Services says silver prices could pull back after hitting $50 level.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gold Hits Another Record High

A record high for gold and the decline of the dollar : Gold prices increased 2.4% in first quarter : The sharp decline of the dollar boosted gold's gains
Gold prices continued to break record highs on Thursday, benefiting from the steady decline of the U.S. dollar at its lowest level since July / July 2008, after it became clear that the United States will keep its monetary policy as is.
Gold in the spot market Has reached the highest level ever at U.S. $ 1532.91 per ounce (ounce equals 28.25 grams), which is a ninth record high in nine sessions, before easing slightly to the price of $ 1530.80 an ounce."The American population is just now beginning to realize that their 401k turned into a 201k and we've got to have something to counterbalance the typical cash stocks bonds," Michael Haynes, CEO of American Precious Metals Exchange told CNBC

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Jim Willie : The Dollar has a cancer called QE

Jim Willie : IMF plan to introduce the SDR but that's just a fancy name for a basket of major currencies the dollar the Euro the Yen and the British Pound , imagine if they try to use this basket as a global reserve banking currency , they think that this will fix the problems that the dollar has , because the dollar has cancer it is called QE
...they gonna fail miserably and this means that the price of commodities will continue to rise uniformly gold silver cotton crude oil all of them in uni-sense

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Peter Grandich : Profits taking on Silver

Peter Grandich on taking profit on Silver , Intermediate top may be play according to him , this interview was done by contraryinvestorscafe on Apr 27 2011 ...Peter Grandich recommends taking profits on silver at $50 an ounce , personally I disagree and I trend to go with what James Turk and Bob Chapman are recommending buy keep buying and stay long this market will go ballistic from now on with few corrections here and there that you should use for purchasing more....

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gold, Silver surge on FED announcing Quantitative Easing 2.5

Gold, Silver surge on FED announcing Quantitative Easing 2.5 , the Fed's FOMC announcement today propelled the price of gold and silver further with gold reaching another all time high of $1527 so far , all of us gold and silver hoarders should really thank Mr Ben Bernanke cause anytime he shows his face on national TV with new announcement the gold and silver prises surge , again and again thank you Mr Ben Bernanke....

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

James Turk : The Dollar on the path to Fiat currency graveyard

James Turk & Chris Waltzek - Goldseek Radio April 26, 2011

James Turk of : I am anticipating a waterfall decline of the dollar in not a very distant future , as we are getting close to June when the FED have to decide whether to stop the Quantitative easing or stop it , but the reality is I do not see how they can stop Quantitative easing says James Turk , giving that the politicians in Washington continue to spend like there is no tomorrow that debt got to be financed somewhere and it is going to be financed by the printing press that's very very inflationary , ...the silver remains in backwardation where the spot month is higher than the future contracts in December 2015 and that's about a 65 cent backwardation which is very very rare event but it's an indication of how tight the physical market is

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Rob McEwen, Gold to go to $5,000 an ounce

Today again not only did gold hit another record above $1,500, we're at 1,510 right now. just for the past month gold up nearly 6%. But could this precious metal reach $5,000 an ounce in the next few years as forecasts Rob McEwen, US Gold Corp. CEO ? .

Rob McEwen, is chairman and CEO of u.s. gold, is forecasting gold at $5,000 an ounce in the next three to four years. : " ... we've seen it in the last 110 years happen twice before and this is the third time that gold is a favorite asset relative to equities and other assets. in terms of -- in times of financial stress, you have people going towards the precious metal. " " ... we've had 30 years of credit expansion of the likes we've never seen before in the world. and currencies have been the base and gold is money. it's the ultimate currency. and that's why people are starting to move to it. but you only have about 1% of the financial assets in the world represented by gold right now "

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A big silver correction coming ?

A big silver correction coming our way , hopefully so , so that I can buy more and more silver ...

James Turk said that $60 dollars is the next resistance barrier some other experts believe that silver topped and we are headed for a big correction , personally I agree with Bob Chapman , silver and gold are real money not an investment when I buy silver I am preserving my wealth from the printing presses of Bernanke , I am not making a short term investment , bottom line buy silver anytime you can and hold it for the long run , if you buy to make a quick profit this is not the right market for you...
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Huge Gold Nugget found in California

Huge Gold Nugget Ignites Gold Rush . a 35 year veteran geologist found a $460 000 nugget in California he refused to sell it and decided to return to the same spot where he found it in search for more gold nuggets , this may trigger a modern day gold rush especially with the prices of gold exploding to new highs everyday ....

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Monday, April 25, 2011

David Morgan : In an Inflationary Scenario Silver is the place to be

David Morgan ..what's happening is reflective of the currency problems the dollar particularly cause it is still the reserve currency of the world , Silver is under fire for quite sometime increasing by almost a buck or more a day David Morgan explains , uncertainty in the market distrust of the US dollar are going to propulse gold and silver prices even higher , the dollar as any other FIAT currency is going to collapse,  what is worrisome is that the US Dollar is the world's reserve currency ...

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James Turk once we are over $50 silver there is no more resistance

James Turk : we almost touched $50 /oz silver in Asia , then we backed off a little bit , the markets today are closed in Europe for the 4 days Easter holiday so it will be interesting to see what happens when they come back tomorrow , given the amount of the buying power that we are seeing in the market you have to assume that we will be seeing higher prices in the weeks ahead , once we are over $50/oz there is no resistance as the way I see it says James Turk , go back and look at the DOW when we went over a thousand back in 1982 it just kept going and going and going , the same thing could be happening here with silver for the next couple of years , because the supply /demand picture is very good and everybody knows the problems with the US dollar ...silver is still a cheap form of gold on historical averages and that's attracting a lot of people into the market ...

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Gold and Silver continue to surge

Gold hits a yet another all time record high today , while silver surged more than 5 per cent to within a whisker of its all-time peak of 50 dollars an ounce ,Silver hits 49.82 oz only 50 cents from the all time record of 50.35 dollars an ounce marked January 18, 1980. At the New York market and the futures contract jumped to $ 49.82, just 50 cents from record high. Since the beginning of this year the Silver sees an increase of 60%. as the dollar continued its free fall and inflation continues to worry , experts see more room for upside moves for both gold and silver in the coming weeks and months ...

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Universities start Investing in GOLD

The University of Texas have chosen to invest in physical gold instead of the risky gold certificates , the total investment is of 6000 ounces of Gold with a market value of about 1 billion dollars ...more universities and other institutions may follow the university of Texas steps...

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A million dollar in Gold fits in a briefcase

Gold is very convenient to transport , matter of fact one million dollar in gold could be carried very easily in a small briefcase ...A million in gold in this briefcase : It doesn't take much gold to get to a million dollars anymore. In
fact, that you can carry it in a small bag.

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The secret behind The Gold, Silver rallies ?

The Fundamentals of Precious Metals Investing with Jerry Robinson and Tom Cloud
The spike in prices of gold and silver has surprised many. At the same time, there are ways to make money on the rallies in both these metals.Trading sentiments for the yellow metal turned bullish on heavy buying support, following turmoil in Libya and surging crude oil prices. While gold surged to more than $1500 an ounce on rising seasonal demand, silver rose to $46.72 an ounce on heavy buying by stockists and industrial units, amid firm global cues. However, such a rise has hardly made any difference in the enthusiasm of the buyers.

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Bob Chapman explains the explosion in Silver prices

Bob Chapman explains the explosion in Silver prices

Get into gold and silver says Bob Chapman , he himself just bought some yesterday it is not late and at this prices gold and silver are still very very cheap , JPM and HSBc are gonna have a decision at $50 an ounce silver either partial default or total default or a bailout from the Federal Reserve. Gold is going to break out here and is going to go to $1600 , $1650 , silver is another situation , the unusual situation is that JP Morgan Chase and HSBC are short 45 to 1 , that means for every contract they have in silver they sold 45 and there is thousands of them , they're naked short they can't get out they can't buy back into silver which keeps on going up , 3 things can happen here , they either can tell their clients we do not have silver and we are going to pay you 25 cents on the dollar or they can default in complete in other words what is called a force majeure or the federal reserve can step in and cover their losses 46 dollars a share their losses are about 90 billion dollars
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The gold rush : small investors flocking into gold

Small investors start flocking into gold and silver as The US dollar is in trouble. Inflation and debt have a nation in the choke hold. We can get out but not with our FED's current monetary system of fractional reserve lending. Our economic system is designed to drive us further in debt. Abolishing the Federal Reserve and returning to sound money will solve 90% of this country's problems. It used to be very difficult for private individuals to find a simple, cost effective and secure way of buying, storing, and later selling gold, Not anymore now you can buy gold even from ATM machines in Florida and Las Vegas .Investing in gold and silver will protect your assets from the inevitable collapse of the dollar.The Eonomy is growing again says Obama , believe it ...

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Friday, April 22, 2011

David Morgan whats driving the Gold and Silver Rally ?

David Morgan on The Financial Sense Newshour 22 Apr 2011

Silver guru David Morgan explains what's may be driving the gold and silver market rally , the COMEX and the FED could conspire again in order to bring the silver price down

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Gold Bars - with Tungsten Cores

Gold Bars - with Tungsten Cores , be careful what you are buying , this is not meant to scare you , but just to make you aware of the fact that there are some fakes out there , last week when I heard that some silver pesos fakes were calculating I grabbed mine to my coin shop and exchanged them for some Canadian maples that I can trust

It's wonderful, one can't trust anyone at this time, especially the US government,We, the average people, are slipping back into our historical role as slaves.Stop borrowing money. Stop enslaving yourself to anything that sends you a bill. Stop spending your money with any multinational corporation. Start growing food and baking at home.The fractional reserve banking system, money multipliers and ETF policies finally become exposed for what they are: legalized fraud. Before the banks there was no inflation; I wonder when the general public will become aware of the fact that the entire financial system is one huge scam.

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Gold Soars while the Dollar collapses

Gold hits the all time record high of $1510.32/oz on the Asian markets, rising 1.3% in just a week , Gold rising in Asian markets, where it updates the record for $1510.32/oz : the gold for immediate delivery touched $ 1,510.32 an ounce mark. This week, the precious metal has scored a rise of 1, 3%, the third consecutive weekly increase.Gold is durable divisible consistent convenient and has intrinsic value said Aristotle 2000 years ago , Gold is money always was and always will be..

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Silver going ballistic

Silver going ballistic : Is the dollar drop fueling corporate earnings. The dollar index falls to its lowest level since August 2008 . Also, a discussion of tech earnings from this week, is the dollar broken for good, how high can silver go.

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Bill Still vs The Austrian School of Economics on Gold and Silver Standard

Bill Still says that all the Austrian economics have correctly identified the problem but they have misidentified the solution because they believe that a return to gold backed money or commodity backed money or some combination of commodities for backing money will effectively control the quantity and break the back of the FED it's just not true says Bill Still (and I do not agree with him here ) Mr. Still is an author and documentary film maker, best known for his documentary "The Money Masters" and his his latest documentary film "The Secret of Oz." where he covers the history of money and the Federal Reserve System.

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Marc Faber the Gold is not in a Bubble

Dr. Marc Faber speaking recently with CNBV TV18 from India says that Gold  is far from being in any form of bubble , cause In gold and silver terms, Faber said , the Dow Jones over the last 10 years has already lost more than 80% of its value. "If it were a bubble a lot of people would have gold. The whole world would be trading gold 24 hrs a day. But I don’t think it’s really a bubble. I think may be gold is cheap."

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Silver and rare earth are going to be in tremendous demand : Stephen Leeb

Stephen Leeb on Goldseek Radio 20 Apr 2011

...what I am more concerned about to be honest with you is what going on with Silver market and rare earth market says Stephen Leeb these markets are up more than 30 percent since the Japanese Earthquake and the nuclear accident , I do not think it is coincidental I really think it is recognition that silver and rare earth are going to be in tremendous demand because they are central to renewable energy , and if the nuclear is going to take a back seat even in China where they will still go forward pretty aggressively with nuclear they're really got to be more conscious of the risks that means a lot more solar a lot more wind a lot more rare earth a lot more silver , I would not be surprise that the Chinese are behind the Silver market move Stephen Leeb added ...or a major part of it , if that's the case I would guess the silver will go much more higher ....

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Gold above $1500 an ounce and rising !!!

Gold above the USD 1,500 an ounce mark for the first time in history . James Steel chief commodity analyst at HSBC gives his insight

James Steel believes that it is pretty much on the investment side where the demand is booming : It’s very much on the investment side. When I first started looking at the gold market, the bulk of consumption was in the jewellery market. So it went physically towards someone owning gold for adoration around the neck or finger etc. The theme in the last several years, particularly, since the crisis began to hit what started out as a subprime mortgage crisis in the middle of 2007, the shift has been very much towards investment and less towards jewellery.The percentages of gold consumption for jewellery have dropped while investment has risen. That’s because the price has risen and that has pushed some people out of the jewellery market followed by the fact that a decline in luxury goods, consumption when you get an economic crisis followed by the increased portfolio diversification demand for gold. We definitely have seen a shift in the buying pattern for gold.

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Gold prices hit a new record high

Gold prices hit a new record level when the $ 1500 an ounce mark was reached for the first time in the history of the precious metal .
The rise comes after the credit rating agency Standard & Poor's for the first time reduced the long-term debt rating of the United States from stable to negative, and as the depreciation of the dollar against major currencies continues.
And comes amid growing fears about the worsening U.S. fiscal deficit, and the crisis of European sovereign debt.
One of the issues that have contributed to the rising prices of the yellow metal in recent months, are the middle east revolts erupted, which caused a large rise in prices of raw materials in general, including crude oil and grain, which led to raise fears about inflation and rising prices.

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Jim Rogers Silver will get triple digits this year

Jim Rogers : ...the thing that caught people's attention is that gold was going up so much that's the wrong way to invest , Look I own gold I own silver but where were these guys five years ago ten years ago that's when they should have ben doing all of this (buying huge amounts of silver) unfortunately for all of us most investors do not notice something until there is nice bull market in place such as with gold and silver , after ten years of price rises in gold people are starting to notice ...and yes there will be more people buying gold eventually everybody is going to own gold and then we will have to sell our gold but that's a long way from now ....
If silver continues a parabolic move I have to worry , all parabolic bubbles pops at the end , unless there is a currency crash , if silver goes up to $150 without a currency collapse I would worry says Jim Rogers

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Spot Gold prices rallied toward record highs approaching the $1,500 an ounce mark today amidst inflation concerns in China the dollar decline, rising crude oil prices unrest in the middle east , worries about sovereign debt problems in Europe and the Standard & Poor's downgrading its credit outlook for the United States Gold hits an all-time high of $1498.9 At the New York market.While In London, prices are stable at $1493.9 .Gold is still far below its all-time inflation-adjusted high, estimated at almost $2,500 an ounce, Many experts see Gold hitting the $2000 mark before the end of this year. Silver was quoted at $43.11 an ounce against $42.99, having earlier touched a new 31-year high at $43.51 an ounce. Silver has been the best-performing precious metal so far this year, up 40 percent since January.

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David Morgan : The Collapse of The Dollar

Economist Silver Guru and author David Morgan reenacts a dramatic scene from the Movie ROLLOVER (1981) a frightening worldwide currency crisis that may as well happen in our time probably very very soon , this movie is amazing quite prophetic knowing that it was produces back in 1981 , in the movie the crisis was triggered by the arabs withdrawing all their money from US Banks , the dollar become worthless paper gold price fly to the moon , David Morgan quotes Warren Buffet calling those derivatives Financial Mass Destruction

Monday, April 18, 2011

Gold chasing the $ 1,500 mark

Gold Rally has touched today the psychological threshold of $ 1,500. In New York quotes splashed to $ 1,498 after the S&P Standard & Poor's has revised to 'negative' its outlook for the United States economy .Gold, has a strong correlation with the greenback and crude oil, The Dollar is weak and the crude oil is heading to $150 (according to analysts ) all bullish signals for the Gold . there is also the demand from emerging markets for the physical gold as multi-trillion dollar foreign exchange reserves from emerging economies chasing spot gold markets which fare in billions of dollars. The percentage of reserves in gold of emerging economies is still 1.5 to two per cent of their total reserves.Silver prices also continue to move higher

Marc Faber on Gold : Physical assets vs Miners

Marc Faber, editor & publisher of "The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report" talks about his preferred ways to invest in gold  " well basically I do not think that people should punt on Gold but they should be their own central bank and gradually accumulate gold reserves as a currency and they should basically hold it physically but not in the US outside the US " " I think there is the risk that the US will once again as they did in 1933 collect the gold expropriate the gold they will not take away and not pay anything they'll pay probably the market price and after they will revalue it it by say five times "

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gold & Silver Rush Has Begun amongst Billionaires

"Silver And Gold Hit A New All-Time High Price" Thanks To Dollar Collapse Gold hits new all time price and Silver hits a new 31 year high price. The steady collapse of the U.S. dollar will continue to make silver and gold rise as it will take more paper money to buy them.

Mike Maloney for the first time in human history silver is more rare than Gold , the amount of silver that investors can buy , the amount of silver in the exchanges , the amount of silver in the dealers , there is more gold for investors to buy than there is silver so as this bull market progresses I do expect a rush into silver as people find out that silver is more rare ....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Silver in the hands of the people

Silver in the hands of the people Silver as Money : Summary of the lecture given by Hugo

Salinas-Price President of the Mexican Civic Association for Silver in January 2011," How to monetize silver so that it can circulate permanently in parallel with paper and digital money" the last bubble is world's currencies , all currencies in the world are fiat currencies and they are all derivatives of the dollar , which is itself nothing but a piece of paper ,The silver coins will outlast any central bank

The first conditions to menetize one ounce coin silver are :
The coin shall not bear an engraved monetary value.
The Treasury will attribute a quote, a monetary value in pounds to the ounce.
The quote will serve the same function as an engraved value.
when the coin has an engraved value it's condemned to go out of circulation
The last monetary quote given to the ounce by the issuer must not be reducible.
Just as is the condition of present British pound coins and bank notes.
If the quote is allowed to fluctuate in value downward, according to the price of silver, then the ounce will not be currency: it will continue existing as a commodity
Silver money will remain permanently in circulation and will never be at risk of disappearing due to a collapse of the banking system.

JP Morgan is an arm of the FED ?

JP Morgan is an arm of the FED says Daryl Bradford Smith of the French Connection : I guarantee by September of this year you won't recognize America or Europe things are going to get desperate because this financial nightmare is just exploding now , one of the things that's gong to happen and this is in the banking industry which is their crime wave , The price of Silver has reached over forty and I know when silver goes over fifty JP Morgan will owe over 600 billion in short position , but guess what they have been doing clandestinely and this is why I know that JP Morgan is an arm of the FED that they are the FED , everybody thinks that JP Morgan is a private consortium , it is as private as the FED is private they are all owned by criminals , these criminals work together and the simple fact is their short position trying to hold silver in check is going to explode on them and there is nothing they can do about that explosion , in the last 3 or 4 weeks they have been net buyers of silver , JP Morgan was trying to buy its way out of this rising silver prices , when it gets over 50 they'll walk away from these short positions ...

Friday, April 15, 2011

David Morgan : The Budget cuts are a farce

Silver guru David Morgan and Premium Exploration President Del Steiner setting with Al Korelin to discuss the budget cuts , the ongoing U.S. financial crisis and how these woes have created the perfect storm for Gold and silver which prices are expected to shoot to the moon .

David Morgan : ..."...we are having a budget deficit situation that unsustainable in fact at this point in time it is mathematically impossible to pay it off , and when you look at the budget cuts they're meaningless " " These budget cuts are absolutely a farce relative to the amount of deficit spending that's going on in this country for so long "

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gold to Rise to $2,200 on Chinese Inflation

Rising China's Inflation is creating an unprecedented Gold Rush amongst the Chinese citizens , The investment demand in gold from China is literally exploding with China becoming the second largest inv. market for gold after India ,Commodities are entering a period where you have to distinguish between industrials and gold or silver. It's a different fundamental story with grains, however, says Brian Kelly, Kanundrum Capital who see $2,200 Gold on the horizon... Silver will certainly follow...

Gold at New Record High , Silver at 31 years Record High

Gold and Silver
New record for gold, which breaks through the ceiling of $ 1,478 an ounce. Concerns about the debt crisis, inflation and the fluctuation of the greenback are pushing the precious metals to new highs Gold touched 1.478.00 in New York. New rally for silver, which exceed forty two dollars per ounce, reaching its highest level since February 1980.the Silver market is literally on fire as it has gained almost $8 an ounce in less than a month !

Bill Murphy : Silver Shorts are in panic

Bill Murphy of GATA Goldseek radio interview 14 Apr 2011

Bill Murphy they (JP Morgan ) do not have the physical silver to deliver against their short positions they are trapped and they will likely have a panic ,....according to Bill Murphy the real spectacular demand for silver is going to come from investors rather than from the industrial demand because gold becoming mre and more expensive a lot of people can't afford it , so the poorman's gold becoming ever more important and people are starting to pour into silver because they cannot afford Gold the silver gold ratio could shoot to ten to one according to Eric Sprott , the shorts are trapped and JP Morgan they played this derivative game on the short side and what happened now is that they hit the wall , they do not have the physical silver to deliver and the longs know it and that's why these silver rallies are very brief and the market comes right back again "we have a panic coming and it could come at any time "

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clients want Physical Gold says CEO of Swiss Precious Metals

Jean-Francois Pages, CEO of Swiss Precious Metals, says clients have become aware of insolvency risk after 2008, increasing demand for physical storage of gold .the difference is between holding tangible gold or paper asset where you have only a claim after 2008 crisis most of the clients are aware of the insolvency risks of the system and have developed a mistrust of paper currency and fiat money ...
he calls his kind of storage a very special segregated storage , where clients are sure to have their precious metals stored and with no double ownership and a guarantee they they can have their metals anytime they ask for them his price are 1 percent per anum of the market value of the gold that is deposited and these fees also include complete insurance coverage , Jean also says that he does not deal with silver as the value of silver makes it not interesting in terms of storage ...

Bob Chapman explains the Silver Short Squeeze

Bob Chapman the International forecaster explains how the gold and silver market is manipulated by the government and JP Morgan

Bob Chapman : ...your government the treasury department and the federal reserve under the executive order of august 1988 signed by Ronald Reagan the president working group and financial market in in there rigging the market you don't have a free market in America anymore you have a corporate fascist government and they do anything they feel like doing , and they are in here rigging that market , they have been rigging the gold and silver market or attempting to do so since 1988 , it will last 2 to 3 days and the market will go back up again cause it cost too much far beyond what they want to achieve says bob Chapman ....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Silver Wheaton CEO the Bull run in precious metals to continue because people have lost faith in paper currencies

Silver Wheaton 's CEO the Bull run in precious metals to continue because people have lost faith in paper currencies

Randy Smallwood, CEO of Silver Wheaton, the world's largest reseller of silver, : " whether we talk about the price of silver, a lot of people are talking about this as being a bull market in precious metals. i think it's a bear market in paper currencies. we all know about sovereign debt issues and such. i see continued strength in commodities and specifically precious metals as a store of value , I don't think that's changing I do not see any thing that has changed , you know we were talking about a bit of a set back in couple of days I haven't seen anything that is changing on the other side of the equation i.e. I wish we had more faith in paper currencies "

David Morgan : raw gold shortage in China

David Morgan on raw gold shortage in China interviewed by kitco news

David Morgan who has spend some time in China says that the Chinese people are mostly accumulating paper gold not physical this is quite surprising , China is now considered the world's largest producer of gold.But most of it stays in China, where people see gold as a safe, solid investment in uncertain economic times.CHINA GOLD IMPORTS JUMP! 500% China had plans to increase its gold holding in its foreign exchange reserves. China wants to get its 3,000 tons of gold off the market, so as to not drive the price sales in China is not slowing down. On the contrary, it is surging Gold products are usually purchased for special occasions, like weddings. But surging global gold prices are also driving Chinese investors to snap up what they can.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gold and Silver Will Correct Further says Phil Streible

Phil Streible, senior market strategist at Lind-Waldock, says that $1,500 gold and $45 silver are still possibilities but that both metals will correct further
gold silver ratio start to rise again on that has been. Sorry about that severely bad it -- down you know that while the 34 range power -- culture that thirty day we should be dead. Debt spread chart and -- it yeah. On golden copper prices and very far away from both major moving averages and if it is moving average gold on -- in no way I would even worse that -- at 34 dollars so I think the default all quite quickly.

Silver price doubled in the last 12 months

Silver prices at 31-year high , silver hit a new 31-year peak Tuesday as investors' desire for safe havens trumped news of a Chinese interest rate increase. the price of silver, which more than doubled in the last 12 months, climbing to its most expensive level versus gold since 1983.according to some experts like James Turk and Eric Sprott , the silver bull rally just started and we are going to see an explosion in the silver market in the coming months and years , this is the decade of the silver Eric Sprott calls it ,this is the biggest investment opportunity in human history says Mike Maloney

Max Keiser : Silver Skyrocketing, JP Morgan Getting Crushed

Max Keiser : Silver Skyrocketing, JP Morgan Getting Crushed

Film-maker, broadcaster and former broker and options trader Max Keiser talks about the financial situation in the middle east and how it's all controlled by the Global Banking Cartel.Max Keiser is one of the best sources of information out there in the media telling people the truth about economic issues. & JP Morgan is a big manipulator of the precious metals market specifically silver.SLV is a manipulation mechanism: JPMorguan is "trustee" custodian. They say all the silver is really there in the vault, but trusting the notorious naked silver short banksters with all that silver is kind of like letting the fox guard the hen house. Fox says: "All the hens are good." (in his stomach). YT user: endless mountain made a video on March 1, 2011: Chart shows SLV consistently goes down during trading in the west, but smart Asians buy up REAL SILVER at night! Manipulation Exposed!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Andy Gause on the Jeff Rense Show

Author and monetary ( Currency ) historian and nationally recognized expert on the U.S. Monetary System Andy ( Andrew ) Gause , author of the books The Secret World Of Money, and Uncle Sam Cooks The Books, What does Andrew foresee in 2011 for : prices of food, gasoline, natural gas, gold, silver , the bottom line is...
As long as we have a money supply that is permitted to be expanded by private banks and politicians at will, then the increase in the money supply guarantees its value will decline over time.As the value of the money we use declines, the price of physical commodities that the money can purchase will rise in price. In other words it will take more of the same paper in the future to purchase the same.

*European crisis manufactured to strengthen the dollar?
*When will U.S. produce needed jobs?
*What is the real story from Jackson Hole meeting?
*How to protect retirement accounts from USG takeover?
*Will gold and silver retreat before moving on?
*Why are Obama's bosses totally confused, or are they?

Gold is The only Money says Michael Ruppert

Gold is The only Money says Michael Ruppert , it has alays been since 6000 years ago and people will always turn to gold when the SHTF

gold is money based on the price of crude oil from 1950 to 2010.Money retains is value. Dollars, on the other hand, don't retain their value because Ben Bernanke is printing them like crazy.The US only has about 260 million ounces of gold.

At today's price, that only covers about $260B of debt.

The US national debt is more than $5T foreign debt, $5T domestic debt.

Thus the 260M oz of gold has to be spread over 5T or 10T not 260B.

Thus gold is worth much more than a few thousand dollars.

Going to the gold standard would be a massive transfer of wealth to gold holders and impoverish dollar holders.Nixon took the US off of Bretton Woods to save the last third, which is easy to see would be in the range of 250 million ounces.

Greenspan testified to Congress that the US does not trade in gold's time for people to consider who they are as people and what they value as Americans.

It's time for people to stop identifying themselves by a political party.

it's time for people to prioritize and decide what is most important in their lives

the time to support Ron Pall has passed, and protecting Schiff would be like trolling the internet.

economically, farmers and those who know how to farm will be better off than everyone else.

The USD will soon be the new peso! OLÉ!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lindsey Williams The Gold and Silver Bull Run just started

Lindsey Williams The Silver Bull Run just started

Lindsey Williams who has been an ordained Baptist minister for nearly 30 years, went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary and because of the executive status accorded to him as Chaplain, he was given access to the information that is documented in his book, The Energy Non-Crisis reveals new bombshell information . In 2009, Williams talked about the plan by the global elite to sabotage the dollar, destroy the economy and America by 2012. If you think that Gold and silver are expensive now , you have not seen anything yet says Lindsey Williams , gold and silver are the currency of the elite and anything on a paper (fiat money bonds stocks ) is worth the paper it is written on . Gold production is decreasing due to few great Gold mine discoveries. Witwatersrand played a big rule in gold offer since 1970 and people investing in Gold should observe the whole around this metal. I have seen predictions of Gold falling back to USD 300/oz (speculation) and I have also seen predictions for Gold reaching USD 9000/oz considering industrial consumption and mining supply. Gold Mining production is around 2500 ton/year and demand around 3800 ton/ year. Take your own conclusions.
The US might want to push the price of gold up in order to cover there dept which is at around 14 trillion !
The United States holds the largest gold reserve in the world. With 8,133.5 tonnes, (241, 207, 076 oz) the US gold holdings are worth approximately $337.67 billion. This massive gold reserve would have to increase 40 times just to cover the dept !! That’s $56,000 a once.

Friday, April 8, 2011

David Morgan On The Gold and Silver Rally

David Morgan : ..."I think that we've got more upside for a few more weeks. I think the sooner or later we gonna need a breather a back in and filling as we say in the trade. Nothing goes to the moon straight up forever. I do believe that I am right when I wrote several years ago that silver when it was under 5 will go to a 100 dollars an ounce I am still looking for triple digits not in 2011 . I said we'll 40 in 2011 we are there today , are we going higher this year ? probably will , are we gonna see 50 this year I am not sure "

Marc Faber : In Gold and Silver Terms the Dow Jones over the last ten years has already lost over more than 80% of its value

Marc Faber " ...In Gold and Silver Terms the Dow Jones over the last ten years has already lost over more than 80% of its value. and yesterday, my friend frank holmes was on cnbc, and i don't know remember if it was you or somebody else, but the two interviews were kind of ridiculing him, telling him that gold was a bubble and so forth. i just came now from a conference. there were over 200 people here in Singapore. i asked the audiences, fund managers, you would imagine that they are intelligent. i asked them who of you has personally more than 5% of their assets in gold. not one person lifted their hand. not one. if it were a bubble, a lot of people would have gold. the whole world would be trading gold 24 hours a day. but i don't think it's really a bubble. i think maybe gold is cheaper today than it was in 1999 when it was at $252. "

Gold jumps to a new record and Silver crosses $40/oz

Futures rise, following global markets higher. Gold jumps to a new record and silver crosses $40/ounce Jay Taylor, president of Taylor Hard Money Advisors says that all the signals now are that we are going to have an easy monetary policy from every corner of the earth and as long as we Quantitative Easings then we have a rally in Gold and Silver , The inflation is much higher than what policymakers claim in the U.S., and prices will continue to rise.savers are being punished it is a road to disaster the keynesian way of stimulating consumption without savings

Silver Bullion Demand Exploding

Bullion Dealer Sees Skyrocketing Silver Demand .Siver been in backwardation over the last several months because of this squeeze in silver on the physical side it's that the curve flatten out a little bit right now and it appears that things are loosening up but it's still not where it normally yes. Now put -- I that's that's a great question because right now what we're seeing is that. Across America the individual investor the fifty million portfolios -- that's a 100000 more. Those people are just becoming aware of precious metals as a part of their good balanced up allocated portfolio.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mike Maloney ; The Central Banks net Buyers of Gold

The fact that The Central Banks have become since 2010 net Buyers of Gold is a very bullish signal , this is an enormous shift a game changer in the greatest bull market in the history says Mike Maloney , this not counting that Iran and China are buying gold with hand fests under the table....

Mike Maloney The Central Banks all around the world have become in recent years net buyers Gold and this does not include several countries like Iran and China who have been buying under the table and nobody has the official numbers because they do not report them to the World Bank and the IMF (Why Would they anyways ? LOL ) this practically means that the dollar is toast says Mike Maloney this is the big game changer this is the greast bull market in history

Gold still underowned compared to 1968

Gold hits a new all-time record high silver is at a 31-year high

Gold hits a new all-time record high silver is at a 31-year high silver is at a 31-year high, up an astonishing 116% over the past year. investors are flocking into gold and silver for a variety of reasons whether it's geopolitical instability war in Libya because of political issues or financial issues, whether it's expanding monetary masses all over the world and the debasement of the Fiat currencies with hypereasy monetary policy,governments running the printing press, inflation creeping into the system, whether you believe the Mayan calendar, 2012 next year, the sum of all those fears is being incorporated into the price of gold and silver. as investors run from currency to currency and find no refuge, they continue to come back to gold and silver, making new records silver is at a 31-year high, gold at all time record high. Gold should be around around $2,300 if we adjust it to inflation .silver has been a monetary metal redeemable for money throughout American history until the last 40 or 50 years. we were on a gold standard and a silver standard. so silver is the same inflation hedges as gold . there is also the industrial component to silver, it's undervalued relative to gold for the past year or so. it's finally catching up. but, it still has plenty of room to go. they're talking 40, 50 dollars an ounce soon. if we went back in constant dollars the price of gold would have to hit $2400 bucks to equal where it was in 1980. so, are we going to go over $2,000 in gold , as a percentage of global financial assets, gold peaked out at about 6% in 1968. it's under 1% right now. so it is underowned despite the furious way that people have been accumulating it over the last few years says Jon Najarian. we'd see a much higher price out of silver because of short squeezes , there's no doubt at all that it was the Ben Bernanke speech that triggered the last run-up in gold , . there can't be any question that was the one event on the horizon. he said there's no inflation problem. commodity prices have nearly doubled in some cases over the last year, and see no evil, speak no evil at the FED says we've got no problem. people are so poor they're willing to work cheap, housing prices are falling. so you have certain aspects of deflation which keep the aggregate CPI down. but that's not relevant. the rest of the world knows there's inflation. if Bernanke can't see it, run the hedges.

JP Morgan selling Silver they do not have

Silver Liberation Army with Max Keiser

Max Keiser : for every ounce of silver that somebody buys JP Morgan sells 20 to 50 ounces of silver that does not exist it's called naked short selling , that's the bottom line they are selling silver that does not exist , by some estimates they are 3 billion ounces short that's more than a billion of the entire silver stock above ground , the short sold more stocks than exist above ground on the floor everyday manipulating the price , for every ounce of silver JP Morgan tries to sell 10 ounces of silver as a naked short sell , silver that they do not own but at the end of the month the books have to be squared the COMEX has to physically deliver , now with the Silver liberation Army we are going to put JP Morgan six feet under says Max Keiser by taking possession of the remaining physical silver , The Silver Liberation Army a global army of physical buyers says Max

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gold Bull Run has a long way to go

Weak supply in the Gold market added to strong demand , you will always get volatile prices , plus two serious global events in the middle east and in Japan which have added to the uncertainty of the market and helped in boosting the Gold prices . Gold prices could hit $1500 this year and $2000 in one to two years, Owen Hegarty, Vice Chairman of G-Resources Group says "Most people are upbeat about commodities, demand is very strong all the way across all commodities across the world generally speaking and supply is very weak,"Gold is the perfect metal all the demand factors are strong at the moment it is the right phase of the moon so to speak for Gold it's a commodity is a currency it's a safe haven it's a store of value it is a hedge against inflation it is all of that yet on the supply side you are not seeing central banks selling in that market you're not seeing a big uplift in the output of gold on a worldwide basis Owen Hegarty explains

Lindsey Williams Gold going to $3000 and Silver to $300 /oz

Pastor Lindsey Williams who have insiders amongst the elite who pass him pieces of intel about what they are planning to do in the future especially regarding the prices of commodities such as Oil Gold and Silver , he was proven to be right in the past , Lindsey Williams says that gold and silver are the money of the elite , , the elite are planning to crash the dollar before the end of 2012 , by then gold will be at $3000 and silver at $300 an ounce , do not you dare sell your gold and silver says Williams if you think they are expensive now you have not seen anything yet , the elite are planning to introduce a new world currency and they want it backed by gold and silver , hold on to your gold and silver folks , Lindsey Williams has been proven right in the passt especially his forecasts for the price of crude oil...

Eric Sprott on CNBC - silver to shine - 05 April 2011

Eric Sprott on CNBC - silver to shine after it hits US$39 per ounce
Eric Sprott runs one of the largest hedge funds in Canada his PSLV (silver) Sprott Physical Silver Trust since it was launched October 29th 2010 it has increased by over 75% in value , IPO at $10/Share now trading at $17/Share .Eric Sprott believes that it is the man in the street who is driving the demand for silver for example the US mint this year has sold as many dollars in silver coins as it has sold in silver coins but the prices are different by 38 to 1 which really means that the common guy is buying Silver the reason silver going up is because of savers Eric says people want to rather own a hard asset than a paper asset there is also the industrial demand and the fear factor related to QE1 , QE2 and a possible QE3 it is not just about the weakness of the dollar , a lot of people are losing confidence in the Euro the Yen and of course the dollar We are still far away from a bubble Eric explains the precious metal ownership is still less than 1 percent so there is no mania going on as of yet , Eric dos not believe that interest rates have anything to do with the silver rally so even if the FED raises its rates it won't affect the rally what's driving it is the lack of faith in the currency , Sprott believes that Silver will dramatically outperform Gold over the next 5 years he calls the next decade the Silver's decade while the last decade was Gold's decade ....keep on stacking folks !

Gold vs Stocks

Gold is going from one record to the next lately and hitting an all-time high now. the precious metal had an impressive run over the last ten years while the S&P tacked on just 16%, gold is up 464%. Today gold is about 8% higher than the value of the s&p 500.analyst Sam Stovall does not believe the gold is over valued matter of fact he believes that there is a longer term price appreciation ahead and he sets $1,800 as a chief target on the long term ,Gold Fundamentals still strong and a brighter future lays ahead

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gold hits a New Record $1452/oz

05 April: New Record in NY 1452 an ounce record high also in London in 1449.30
Gold : New Record in NY 1452 an ounce gold hits a new record on international markets. In New York bullion for delivery in June was quoted at $ 1,452 an ounce , while that with immediate delivery in London rose to $ 1,449.30 an ounce.

Silver Explosive Rally

The silver price broke the barrier of $39 today , there is no stopping to this silver rally , the fear of inflation and the weakness of the dollar are likely to boost the silver price even higher in the short term , in the long term the fundamentals are fantastic , experts talk about $50 in this summer and probably $100 an ounce silver next year if not even more ,silver is poor man's gold and as gold becomes expensive for the average investor , many will focus on silver

Silver becoming the New Gold

Silver price which more than doubled in the last 12 months (that's four times faster than Gold which was up by 25% ) climbing to its most expensive level versus gold since 1983.Silver is catching Gold up quite fast becoming the new Gold , Silver as a precious metal like gold is used as a hedge against the weakness of the dollar it is also the most widely used precious metal in industry , there is also the China factor which has become recently a net importer of silver , political uncertainty in the world largest silver produced Peru may add further impitus in the near term to silver prices

Monday, April 4, 2011

Gold and Silver to Soar says Hans Goetti

Gold and silver will soar as long as central banks continue to expand their liquidity programs QE1 and QE2 .Hans Goetti, believes that it is likely that we are going to get QE3 when QE2 will expire by the middle of the year , we all know that QE2 was essentially the reason why the stock market rose from august until now in basically one straight line he says we also know that commodity prices went up sharply gasoline prices went up sharply and so on and if QE2 ends who is going to buy all these treasury bonds who is going support the stock market , what probably could happen we could see a stock market pull back and possibly a pressure to do something , we could see a renewed weakness in the economy by the end of the year he explains ....Hans Goetti is bullish on gold and continues to be bullish on gold as long as the banks continue to expand their liquidity at the rate they are doing , currency debasement is topic number one when it comes to precious metals inflationary pressures are the result gold will go much higher and silver probably even more

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kiyosaki Robert and Mike Maloney - Silver vs. Paper Currency

Robert Kiyosaki, along with friend, and author of the Rich Dad Advisor Book, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, Mike Maloney, explains why gold and silver are vital investments for today's economy.Gold is primarily there to STORE your wealth and protect you from inflation.If it rises compared to paper money, consider it an extra.The US Fed QE2 stimulus will end and the artificial inflation of the world stock markets will collapse not long after

Gold as of now should match the amount of dollars in circulation like maloney says, but the fed could decrease the money supply. Dont think it cant happen. If the currency is on the verge of collapse, they will do it to save the central bank just like the depression of the 30's. either way, i think gold outperforms but dont get so cocky on gold 15,000. You never know what these politicians will do. If obama loses in 4 years, gold will tank.Silver's intrinsic value extends from the fact that it protects your accumulated wealth, is a highly accepted medium of exchange and it`s real money at every step of the way. In the existing situation it's going to be a profitable move to hold silver bullion since it can lead you through periods of currency inflation, volatility, and financial downturns.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adrian Douglas : Gold $57,000, Silver Even More?

Adrian Douglas speaks about the debasement of the dollar and the rise of the gold price.Adrian Douglas is a member of the Board of Directors for GATA the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee and editor of the Market Force Analysis Letter he offers his projections for gold and silver prices and discusses collusion at the LBMA. Adrian is very bullish on Silver and he says that he believes that the silver price has a long way to go before we will see any set back .My opinion is that the SLV doesn't have any silver. The SLV is nothing more than a ploy to siphon off demand for physical silver. They don't need physical to accomplish this ,because the game is rigged. SILVER Will explode

Adrian, Murphy & GATA is so spot-on because the Inner Beltway Idiots continue making the wrong decisions, not taking the harsh, bitter medicine necessary to cure the patient If China doesn't buy any more US debt, then no one else will want to either, and if the only buyer of US treasuries is the Fed, then how long can that last?, and if you get such great deflation that you can't roll over your treasury debt, then you default...Gold is an element that is rare, durable, and impossible to counterfeit making it very suitable for currency as well as other metals like platinum and palladium. Fiat currency or the paper that you hold in your wallet is easily created by gov which can destroy its value. Gold is more rare than silver, and mining companies pull 15-16 times more silver out of the ground than gold giving it a ratio of 15:1 to 16:1. That means it takes 15-16 ounces of silver to equal 1 ounce of gold.

Rick Ackerman Silver Price to stall

Rick Ackerman On the edge with Max Keiser-04-01-2011 talking about the Silver Market ,Rick Ackerman predicts that silver's price will soon be steady. Regarding gold, he says it is still the best investment and as long as the dollar is weak purchasing gold is advised. He believes the dollar will continue to be weak because of the massive amount of dollars in the market , there is no change in the trends that boosted Gold and Silver ,the next shoe to drop will be the dollar , all of the Japan stimulus has been fed into a global inflation because of the Yen carry trade , infinitely borrowable yen at interest Zero has fed into a global inflation , thge money does not necessarily go where the Japanese government intended it to go says Rick Ackerman

Friday, April 1, 2011

500 oz of Silver in each Tomahawk Missile !

Did you all know that each Tomahawk missile contains 16 kilograms of silver which is more than five hundred ounces of silver 500 oz. (The Silver is indeed used in thse high tech gears because it is the best electrical and thermal conductor among all metals )? Each Tomahawk costs $1,066,465 and has more than a 500 oz. of silver inside which goes totally destroyed and lost forever when the missile is launched as the silver is blown into million pieces and therefore it is impossible to recover the silver that was inside . Pure silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals known to man. When there is a $1.066 million dollar missile is being produced the military will use only the best materials available to ensure the best performing results . So far, since the start of the war in Libya, 164 Tomahawk missiles lobbed into the Libyan desert therefore they've destroyed three tons of pure silver over there in launched Tomahawks. Gone for good. Got to be good for the future price of silver.

James Turk : Gold is not a commodity its money

James Turk in in Madrid 25 Nov 2010 speaking in a conference about What is Gold : Gold is the most misunderstood asset class he says Gold is not an investment it is not volatile in fact it is not even a commodity on the same sense james Turk in another interview with called Gold not a commodity but money , James Turk : ....... because gold is not like other commodities. Gold is in fact not a commodity it's money. It's a tangible asset like other commodities but it is in a different asset class within this tangible asset group. Commodities are consumed and they disappear, gold does not get consumed, it doesn't disappear, it continues to be accumulated every year, there's about 1.5% more gold added to the above ground stock of gold - and the reason why gold is accumulated in this way is because it's money and as a consequence it has an interest rate structure that is determined by the market, so gold should be in backwardation even though interest rates don't show it.