Friday, June 24, 2011

Buy Gold on Dips - Dips are Discounts

Buy Gold on Dips , Dips are discounts and you should take advantage of them whenever they occur , Gold and Silver both falling sharply today , this is a great opportunity to purchase more physical gold and silver , Gold and Silver have only one way to go on the long term and that is up and up , cause the federal reserve is flooding the markets with worthless paper money , and soon all that money will start chasing the real assets on the market namely gold and silver sooner or later the dollar is doomed to crash many experts say the dollar will go bust in 2012 the Euro won't even make it to 2012 , Gold and Silver are the only safe heaven , stocks and the dollar could go to zero at any time gold will never go to zero , Gold has been money for 6000 years , so do not get discouraged by this volatility which is likely the job of God knows what market manipulation , go get your physical gold and silver go long and stay long , remember what happened during the Wiemar republic , those who had their saving in paper money got wiped out and the few who had their savings in Gold were able to buy entire chunks of downtown Berlin with a handful of gold ounces , tomorrow the same scenario could very well happen in America the public will wake up to the fact that the only real money is Gold and Silver...

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