Monday, June 27, 2011

David Morgan Gold prices could go up astronomically after QE2 ends

David Morgan on the Ellis Martin Report discussing the Dollars, Debt and Danger of hyperinflation : "what's coming unfortunately is the great day of reckoning , at some point the dollar collapse happens and at some sense it is happening in other words it is not usually an overnight anomaly where all the banks close that's not probably what's going to take place , what's happens is as we are witnessing more and more nation stats start to say I do not want any more dollars , the FED becomes the buyer of the last resort of the bond market which is true as it is still going on until June 30th when QE2 ends , and right now the FED is buying 80 percent of the bond offer after the 30th of June who is going to step in and buy it , China ? Russia ? Japan ? I do not know I doubt any of them will buy that much they may buy some , so we get to the end game and the end game is I do not want the dollar anymore , and the problem with this is it is still interconnected for the global economy because the dollar is still the reserve currency so if you stop wanting the dollar what do you want ? and it does not take much of the bond market to go to the security of Gold to move the prices in paper terms to an astronomically higher level and that's the situation we are facing , China is increasing its gold holdings Russia is increasing its gold holdings India increased its gold holdings , Central bankers have become net buyers of gold recently as they were net sellers for a very long period of time , so e are getting near the end hopefully it gets to a point where an adjustment can be made in other words we go back to some kind of Gold standard or pseudo gold standard or a commodity basket or something that have faith in it we are not there yet but we are getting there very rapidly ...says David morgan

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