Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jim Rogers : Gold will go over $2000

Jim Rogers Gold
Famed investor Jim Rogers was asked "where would gold be a year from now ?" in a Thomson Reuters Q&A session , his answer was : "I don't have a clue , I do have a clue that Gold will certainly go over $2000/oz , Gold's all time high adjusted for inflation would be well over $2000 , it will go there , I mean you can dream I have no idea , if the dollar does collapse in the next ten years which I expect , you pick your number when you have declining currencies and things are denominated in US Dollars who knows what the prices will be , they will be unbelievably high they gonna be much higher than even I believe , the numbers are gonna be staggering , it is always that way in a bull market , if you and I had sat here in 1980 to 1992 and we talked about what the prices will be five ten years later nobody would have believed this or even

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