Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ron Paul asks for full audit of the Gold at Fort Knox

06/23/11 : Time for a full audit. Ron Paul's Opening Statement: Monetary Policy Subcommittee - Gold at Fort Knox - Dr Ron Paul very courageously is demanding a full audit of the gold reserves in Fort Knox because it is a gold that belongs to the people . The focus of the hearing is on recent audits of U.S. gold reserves; challenges to conducting a full audit; and impediments to an accurate assessment of the US gold position, including any leases, swaps or other encumbrances placed upon the gold reserves; and also examine changes to the legislative proposal that will ensure a full and accurate audit, assay, and inventory of U.S. gold reserves.Ron Paul is a BAMF! He is Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry rolled into ONE. The old adage is true. The more you tell the truth, the more you'll be attacked. Solution. Tell even more truth until the attackers are exposed and go into Apathy. GO RON PAUL

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