Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Roger Wiegand Gold and Silver will rally sharply after the Greece bailout is approved

Roger Wiegand is the Editor and Publisher of Trader Tracks a Stocks, Futures and Commodities electronic newsletter , : what we see is this Greek thing (bailout package)  will be approved and rather quickly I think the end of this week or the first half of next week and ten what happens is the European currency the Euro is going to immediately rally and that will sell off the US Dollar , now when the US dollar is sold off a whole basket of commodities goes higher to the long side , the big buyers will com e back again when they see the dollar going weak again I am pretty sure that's going to happen I am persuaded that's going to be the big trade and as a result of that you gonna see Gold , silver Swiss franc Canadian dollar and the Euro all going up , the US dollar going down I think it will go below 75 says you gonna see just a reverse of what have transpired over the last four to six weeks says Roger Wiegand

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