Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watch out for Fake Gold and Silver coins from China

Chinese counterfeiters are second to none , they are the world masters in counterfeiting everything on the surface of the earth and of course they do counterfeit Gold and Silver coins and bars too , fake gold and silver coins are big business. and it is getting bigger with the price of the precious metals soaring , Indeed with Spot Silver prices rising the Chinese and others are cranking out millions of fake coins...I mean millions and the fakes are getting so good even advanced dealers and graders are being fooled! Many of these so called replicas "I'd say MOST" are unmarked and are outright dangerous.There a few things that will help you detect that they're fakes . They are even now making fake junk Quarters and Dimes. It's very lucrative for them .There are even better fakes that use 90% Silver, but they are not used on junk coins due to production costs. Only buy higher dollar coins from a reputable dealer, in PCGS, NGC, ICG or ANACS slabs!
NEVER FROM CHINA...Unless you want a few fake specimens, which isn't a bad role of thumb is avoid anything Made in China and not just for gold and silver

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