Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gold bar vending machine land in Las Vegas : Future of gold market

Gold vending machines are coming to Las Vegas. At JCK, the jewelry industry's premiere trade event this weekend, the Hon group is introducing the Gold Rush Kiosk.

what does "at current market price" mean? I bet they're selling it at a huge % over spot to cover costs of the machine and make a big profit. Don't get me wrong, I'm a gold bug and think this is kinda cool but I'd rather buy from my local coin dealer and get a better deal. It's certainly better than putting in a plastic card and getting paper (fiat) money back! they don't tell you how many ounces your buying. I saw a $50 button, so it must sell gold by a fraction of an ounce or something. $50 for .00005 of an ounce. hahahaha plus you don' t know if it's real gold. Looks like they are selling the packaging on it more then the amount of value of gold.There is a commission for the supplier. (like a mobile coin store) This has great possibilities in certain locations and I like the fact that you are able to buy .5 grams to make it affordable for all.

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