Saturday, December 18, 2010

Scraping Gold From motherboards

on motherboards there are ide connectors that are made of gold simply take a needle nose pliers and bend the prongs until they snap after a while you can end up with a lot! good luck you will make good can get them from computer motherboards cd rom boards floppy drive boards, anything that has a 34 pin connector will have gold pins ,That pile of gold sitting on the paper went for 350.00 at a gold store its still gold and they still bought it.Quite a percentage of gold is being left behind. Why don't instead of breaking the prongs, you invest in a cheap soldering iron and remove the whole pin. Gold plated is still gold...

you'd be surprised how much gold there really is sitting around in old electronics. Just due to the extremely time consuming and labor intensive process of cutting up individual boards and then bathing the good parts in acid or selling them for scrap it isn't worth it on an individual scale in countries where you can get a job that pays more than $5 an hour. But factories that simply grind up and burn electronics and extract the metals similar to ore make it very profitable i found that in the origonal xbox there is a set of pins not like the rest of the pins. while these pins are still gold they are alot thinker. i just want to give some imput and thyough that out there so mabey someone can see what im seeing and tell me something about them. you'll know what ppins im talking about if you try this

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