Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jim Rogers Loves Gold, Buys Silver

Jim Rogers Loves Gold, Buys Silver

( - Legendary investor and author Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings , reveals how he's trading gold and which precious metal he thinks has the most upside.
Jim Rogers : "As far as I'm concerned, gold will go certainly much higher over the next decade or so." "Governments all over the world are debasing money at a rapid rate and that has always led to higher prices for real assets throughout history and it will this time too. "....
Jim Rogers: Silver is 70% below its all-time high, 60% or 70% below its all-time high. Gold is making all-time highs.if I were looking at precious metals I would be looking at the ones that haven't moved as much. If one doesn't own gold, and one doesn't want to buy the others for whatever reason, one should start waiting for some sort of correction and then buy some gold. But as I said, the others are much more depressed historically than is gold."
"there is gonna be a huge bubble in precious metals by the end .I don't know when that will be;you know.. ask me in 2018, 2020 ... Most bull markets long term bull markets wind up in a huge mania, a huge bubble before it's over and this one will too. Someday, everybody will own gold. Someday, people will be walking down the streets checking gold prices in shop front windows."
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