Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Process of Excavating and Refining Gold

How gold is produced, from excavation to ingot-form.

rubbish gold is found native because its so nonreactive i suppose you might need to get rid if the other metals surrounding it but that can be done with nitrates acids and oxidization that's why buying gold 10 tears ago was a slam dunk, cause it was selling cheaper than it cost to get it out of the ground .platinum is the most expensive is even more expensive than gold, silver and tungsten put together.It is golds rarity & difficulty to obtain, witch enables it to be used as money.Moneys main objective is to SAVE ie delay consumption, so the fact it does not rust or tarnish easily help as well.Now we do use paper with pictures on it, but only exclusively since 1971(and with threat of imprisonment from the government), and this is EXACTLY why our world economy is completely screwed up right now.IF MONEY IS BACKED BY ANYTHING OTHER THAN SOMETHING RARE OR HIGHLY IN DEMAND IT WILL EVENTUALLY, THROUGH INFLATION, BECOME WORTHLESS By the way paper money is called fiat currency, witch is latin for 'no thing'.

If there is only about 6 grams of gold per metric tonne of rock. it's that far underground and the extraction process is that complex then I would say that gold (at it's current price) is a bargain! I think I'm going to buy some Krugerrands . here in the US until gold hit 900+ dollars per ounce it was almost completely uneconomical to mine and refine gold in the US because there would be little to no profit.

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