Monday, December 27, 2010

Hecla Silver Miner Next Big Move

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Phillips Baker, , reveals how the company will continue to grow and turn profits.
Hecla mining and making killer profit. So what well -- two point 81 billion dollar company do with talent money CEO Philip baker.

Hecla mining CEO Philip Baker
:"...The first thing we'll do is. Is due this reinvestment and the lucky Friday evening green street the second thing we'll do is the expiration on the only those two properties. But the one in Colorado and Mexico. And then thirdly. We will -- valuation in and acquire. New assets. Looking at -- company it's. And usually it's one on the side usually. You know you'll have -- junior. Silver companies that will have one asset that will be of interest and that's something that's changed in this this market. If you go back. To 2003. There was no expiration occurring for silver but because of the increase that you've seen in the silver price that's happening and so there's going to be the opportunity to. To have -- new -- new properties which he just happens haven't seen in the last thirty years. Eating aimed at -- Got all sorts of things would like an account and I'm not gonna."

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