Thursday, December 16, 2010

Investment Advisors Begin To Move Staggering Amount of Gold

Here is the story of one company that is moving it's clients in the direction away from dollar denominated investments. Is a fluke or the next big trend? This gentleman does an excellent job explaining the shape we are in. He's probably one helluva salesman. Honest, straightforward and telling it like it is. He deserves to be successful.

It's easy, just show people 1920s Germany and then open up the newspaper and see all the printing of money. Damn, people are stupid as stumps. They watch football games and see terrible obvious bad coach or referee calls that costs their team the game, and they just can't admit the game is rigged and fixed. So they watch all their money evaporate into inflation and they just don't get it they are getting ripped off. There is no end to the stupidity. Must be the fluoride in the water.

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